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Heavy Friends
Saturday January 7th, 2017 with Memetic
A Heavy start to a heavy year.

Too Much Tenderness
Koushik - 7' - Now Again Records
2 Feet
Onom Agemo and the Disco Jumpers - 7' - Agogo Records
Anynotché Tèrabu
Mahmoud Ahmed (Accompanied by Equators Band) - 7' - Mr. Bongo New
On The Air - Rap Mix
Lexy Mella - 7' - Soundway Records
C.A. Ramirez & Tito Wun - 7' - Money $ex Records
House of Glass
Holy Fuck - Congrats - Last Gang Records
Holy Fuck - Congrats - Last Gang Records
Dub Of
Sepalcure - Folding Time - Hotflush Recordings
Falling Away
Harmonic 313 - When Machines Exceed Human Intelligence
Gettin' Togetha
Fudge Fingas - Firecracker 10' - Firecracker Recordings
The Last ? (Memetic's Cleaver Cut Edit)
Dark Maat'r feat. Memetic - TIMEKODE X Vol. 2 (MTL) - Memeplex Canadian New
Afrodesia - Afro-Soultet - Luv n' Haight
Afrodesia - Afro-Soultet - Luv n' Haight
Soul Rockin'
Afrodesia - Afro-Soultet - Luv n' Haight
Afro Revolt
Afrodesia - Afro-Soultet - Luv n' Haight
If You Believe Your God is Dead (Try Mine)
The Swan Silvertones - 7' - Mukatsuku
Power Lord
The Victory Travellers - Gospel Funk - Secret Stash
Little George n' The Mixed Generation - 7' - AOTE
You Gotta Let Go
Marcia Hines - 7' - Mukatsuku
The Plan
Poets of Rhythm - 7' - Mukatsuku
Interactive CKCU
Bill Gee
Great vibes, and happy new year.

8:21 PM, January 7th, 2017
Grooving Steady.

9:02 PM, January 7th, 2017
This is a chill out vintage. Big up to you for spinning the old school. Can you please send a big shout out to my man DJ keeping in your pants ! Cheers

9:14 PM, January 7th, 2017
Give Them Some
happy new year to the drummer!

9:15 PM, January 7th, 2017
DJ Memetic (host)
Thanks folks! Always a pleasure keeping it heavy for you!!

9:21 PM, January 7th, 2017