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Heavy Friends
Saturday May 2nd, 2015 with Neal
Goin' Upstairs with the Upstairs Neighbour

Goin Upstairs
Steppenwolf - Recorded live at the Matrix in San Francisco May 14, 1967 - Dunhill Canadian
Steppenwolf's organist Goldie McJohn Celebrates his 70th Birthday today
High Beech
May Blitz - 2nd of May - Akarma Canadian
Fire and Brimstone
Link Wray - Country Funk vol. 1 - Light in the Attic
Link Wray was born on this day in 1929, died in 2005, would have been 86
Red Baron
Billy Cobham - Spectrum - Atlantic
the Red Baron Manfred von Richthofen was born on this day in 1892, died in 1918 at the age of 25
King Kong
Frank Zappa - Uncle Meat - Bizarre Straight
Zappa's woodwind and tenor sax player Bunk Gardner was born on this day in 1933, he celebrates his 82 birthday
Leslie Gore - Love me by name - A&M
Leslie Gore was born on this day in 1946 died in February of this year
Happy Birthday
Steppenwolf - at your birthday party - Dunhill Canadian
Steppenwolf - Monster - Dunhill Canadian
9:30 May 2
Minutemen - Cracks in the sidewalk - New Alliance
D. Boon, member of the Minutemen is a member of the 27 Club. Car accident
Blind man
Stone the Crows - S/T - Polydor
Stone the Crow's guitarist Les Harvey was electrocuted on stage at the Swansea Top Rank festival on this day in 1972, pronounced dead a few hours later on May 3, an underrated member of the 27 Club
Mary Jane
Janis Joplin - very best of Janis Joplin
27 Club
Mandatory suicide
Slayer - South of Heaven - Def Jam
Slayer guitarist Jeff Henneman died on this day in 2013, from an alleged spider bite. official cause was liver disease due to alcohol-related cirrhosis. the following groups contain members of the 27 Club which allegedly had committed suicide.
Poor Moon
Canned Heat - Uncanned - EMI
Al Wilson, member of 27 Club
Baby Blue
Bad Finger - straight up - Apple
Pete Ham, member of the 27 Club, wrote this song about ex-girlfriend Dixie Armstrong
You and your sister
Big Star - big star story - ryko
Chris Bell, member of 27 Club
Nirvana - in utero - Geffen
Kurdt Cobain, 27 Club
Monster Magnet were neither members of the 27 club or had a birth or death related with them, although singer Dave Wyndorf did have a near death experience with sleeping pills, and it was a request made on this date.
Monster Magnet - Tab 25 - Caroline
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