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A Luta Continua
Friday October 19th, 2012 with Gord Walker
Youth Community media in Mathare (Nairobi) Kenya

Gord Walker speaks with Wairumu Gitau a Kenyan Journalism student at Carleton and Owen Sheppherd about youth run community radio, print media and media training for youth of Nairobi Kenya's Mathare Estate, East Africa's 2nd largest slum. Presentation and discussion of the role of independent media in Nairobi as well as in Ottawa, thursday October 25th. learn more & get involved - come to Carleton's Tory building, Rm. M432, Thursday 25th October, 2-4 pm.
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Interactive CKCU
LCO and the Mathare Radio Project are great indy media initiatives!

9:18 AM, November 6th, 2012
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