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Monday November 19th, 2012 with Allan B. Wigney
V for victory

Yes, we're up the letter "V" folks. Violent Femmes kick things off, as well they should. The Village People, during their new-wave phase (which was tragically cut short when no one displayed any interest), bring it on home. Now that's what I call good radio!
Good Feeling
Violent Femmes - Violent Femmes EP - Rough Trade
Everybody's Got a DJ
Vincent, Andrew - After School Special - Kelp Canadian
Vin d'été
Valade, Claude w/ Robert Demontigny - 45 - Elysée Canadian
Lost Boy
Verch, April - Verchuosity - Rounder Canadian
Red River Valley
Vagabonds - Sixty Years of Grand Ole Opry - RCA
Who Loves the Sun
Velvet Underground - Loaded - Cotillion
Ducks Flying Backwards
Volk Bros. - Everybody's Boppin' - Norton
The Blamers
Vogt, Les - The History of Vancouver Rock and Roll - Neptoon Canadian
The Watusi
Vibrations - The Best of Chess Rhythm & Blues - Chess
Needle in a Haystack
Velvelettes - 45 - V.I.P.
Ooh My Head
Valens, Ritchie - twenty great rock 'n' roll hits of the '50s - Cascade
Someone's Gonna Get Their Head Kicked In Tonight
Vince, Earl & the Valiants - 45 - Blue Horizon
What's So Bad About It
Vaughan, Sarah - The Magic of - Mercury
Je suis cool
Valiquette, Gilles - Le Québec en Action - Trans-World Canadian
Jungle Fever
Vachon, Lionel - 25 Hammond Organ Hits - Arc Canadian
She's the Man
Vulture Hammer - single - Canadian New
Modern Rockers
Vendetta - 45 - Starlite Canadian
Veronique & Davina - Gym-Tonic - Carrere Canadian
Food Fight
Village People - Renaissance - RCA
Interactive CKCU
Village Person
Top notch Village People song. Is this from the same album as their other incredible song Sex Over The Phone?

8:29 PM, November 19th, 2012
Allan Wigney (host)
Sadly, no. It does, however, have Big Mac ("Nothing's better than a big mac...") and Action Man ("I am an action man," etc.). Not nearly as embarrassing as one might expect. Of course, The Village People were not easily embarrassed.

4:37 PM, November 23rd, 2012
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