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Peaceful Journey
Friday September 30th, 2022 with Ya Boy Dennis, DJ Grusm & Dj Ducats
"Straight Hip-Hop, No Fluff!!"

Goin' Through It
Brother Ali - Single New
Short Journey Intro
Dj Ducats - Single Canadian
Carefully Crafted
Eleven And Jason D - Single New
Hey DJ
GAWDS - Single New
Mindbender feat. TOUGH DUMPLIN & Hyperbole - Single Canadian New
Hells Theme Park
Dom Dirtee Feat. Nems and Lil Fame (of M.O.P) - Single New
Build or Destroy
Billy NoJokes x Billy Vintage Blass - Single New
NiggAry (Feat. Hus Kingpin)
Smoovth & Fredro Starr - Single New
Zanzibar Ivory
Big Meridox - Single New
Champagne Corks
Cousin Feo - Single New
Ain't Nothin' Changed (Bonus) (feat. Akon & Canibus)
Born Sun - Single New
Fresh Melt Water
Kenneth Masters & BoFaat - Single New
Domo Genesis - Single New
The Keep
The Silversmiths (JON?DOE, Agent Orange & Sankofa) - Single New
Nu Souf feat. Device Trax, Joka Wild, Dre The Archetype, Travisty The Lazy MC, J.Roots, J 5ive & Ekym1536
8ch2Owens x DJ GlibStylez - Single New
I'm Really Nice
Pretty Bulli - Single New
Walk Out
Prodigy (of Mobb Deep) Feat. DJ Premier - Single New
King of All Kings
Big Meridox - Single New
The Winner
Coolio - Single
fantastic voyage
coolio - Single
Coolio feat LV Gangsta's Paradise
Coolio feat LV - Single
December (feat. Aquafyde Boogey Bros.)
Big Meridox - Single New
Wash The Bills
UFO Fev & Finn - Single New
52 Hand Blocks feat. Mighty Buda
The Leftovers NYC - Single New
Universal Truth
Adagio! - Single New
Hold Weight
Fred da Godson - Single New
Calm Steady Prod. by Stu Bangas
Al Skratch - Single New
This Ain't That
Yungmorpheus & Theravada - Single New
Wolf Blitzer feat. Allah Preme
Josiah The Gift & TrueCipher - Single New
El Padrino
Big Meridox - Single New
I'm Leaving
David Bars, Passport Gift & Parks - Single New
Como Se Llama
The Mighty Capeech - Single New
Chapter Three
Justo The MC & maticulous - Single New
Kaleber & DJ Concept - Single New
Loaded Dice
Penpals & Spectacular Diagnostics - Single New
Morning Sun
Fashawn, Che Noir & Bronze Nazareth - Single New
Hot Pockets feat. ARXV
Bub Styles - Single New
Fly Till I Die feat. Big Daddy Kane
Kool G Rap - Single New
The Old Way (Instrumental)
Brother Ali - Single New
Interactive CKCU
DJ Ducats (host)
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8:38 PM, December 7th, 2022