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Peaceful Journey
Friday April 23rd, 2021 with Ya Boy Dennis, DJ Grusm & Dj Ducats
"Straight Hip-Hop, No Fluff!!"

Nba Rhyme Scheme
Papoose - Single New
Failure = Death feat. Bugsy Da God & Dj Enyoutee
The Quarter Inch Kings x Zagnif Nori - Single Canadian New
The Quiet One (feat. Busta Rhymes)
Talib Kweli x Diamond D - Single New
Coke Tales (DJ Kuts by DJ Nameless)
William Bostick - Single New
Same Energy
Runt Dawg - Single New
Top 3
Rahs God X Dango Forlaine X Ronnie Alpha - Single New
How We Roll (feat. Tone Spliff)
Bronze Nazareth x Recognize Ali - Single New
It's Everything
Phil A & Rasson Arigato - Single New
Me feat. Skyzoo & Olvido Ruiz
Meeco & DJ Access - Single New
All I Got
Lewis Parker - Single New
Pump Fake
Imported Goodz x Ice Lord - Single New
Illest Mic Pros feat. Keith Murray
Beneficence & Confidence - Single New
Night Nurse
Singapore Kane - Single New
Open Letter
Bernadette Price - Single New
Sons Of Kings feat. Knowledge The Pirate
Conway & Big Ghost Ltd - Single New
Cousin Litt feat. 4-IZE (DJ Kuts by Keep Wookie)
Certain.Ones - Single New
The Purists
Oliver Rothstein & Buick B - Single New
No Music Industry
Tough Dumplin and Thrust OG - Single Canadian New
The Humpty Dance
Digital Underground? - Single
Big Shots
King Sun - Single
Nothin' Move But The Money Rmx. feat. DMX & Black Rob
Mic Geronimo - Single
24 hrs. to live (feat. the lox, black rob & dmx)
Mase - Single
L.L. Cool J Feat. Redman, Meth & DMX - Single
Black Rob - Single
Cold Spit Fire
King Sun - Single
Black Rob - Single
Same Song
Digital Underground - Single
Get At Me Gog
DMX - Single
Attention Span feat. Skyzoo
Gotham (Talib Kweli & Diamond D) - Single New
Can I Kick Yo Mama?
David Begun - Single New
Feel The Sound (Clean) feat. Napoleon Da Legend
Dysfunkshunal Familee - Single New
Blak Madeen - Single New
Tracey Lee - Single New
The Glitch
Your Old Droog X Edan - Single New
Like Dat Now
Shameless Plug - Single New
Mad Props Tv (Instr)
K-DEF - Single
Interactive CKCU