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Peaceful Journey
Friday January 5th, 2018 with Ya Boy Dennis, Redpig, Rookie & Dj Ducats
"Straight Hip-Hop, No Fluff!!"

Hood Legends
Planet Asia - VLS
2018 Rap Up
Mad Skillz - VLS
Me and AG
Master Ace feat. AG - VLS
50 Cent - VLS
You Look Like You Came From the 80's
Apathy - VLS
Shoot 'Em Up
Big Noyd - VLS
Games Room
Busta feat Lil Fame - VLS
The Life
DJ Premier feat Bumpy Knuckles - VLS
First Division - VLS
Rock On
Funkdoobiest - VLS
She Makes Me Feel Alright
Freeway and Jake One - VLS
Down In New York
Evidence - VLS
I Ain't No Joke
Black Moon - VLS
I Ain't No Joke
Eric B. & Rakim - VLS
Redman - VLS
Throwin Up Letters
Longevity - VLS
NY S#it
Busta Rhymes - VLS
Maybe I Was Wrong
Ironic feat Junior Reid - VLS
Gorgeous Hustle
Ironic feat AZ - VLS
Gods and Gladiatiors
Ironic feat Kool G and Swifty McVey - VLS
Baby Black - VLS
The Times
Big Daddy Kane - VLS
Shot at Your Highness
Planet Asia feat Turbin - VLS
DJ Jazzy Jeff feat J Live - VLS
Edo G feat Dj Premier - VLS
The Comeup
Any Type Of Way
Big Daddy Kane - VLS
Interactive CKCU