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Peaceful Journey
Friday August 11th, 2017 with Ya Boy Dennis, Red Pig & Dj Ducats
"Straight Hip-Hop, No Fluff!!"

It's Hip-Hop Day and we thought we'd run some original breaks... the way it started!
Incredible Bongo Band - MP3
Pass the Peas
James Brown - MP3
hard times
baby huey - MP3
The Game - MP3
You Are What You Are
Magic Touch - MP3
The Big Beat
Billy Squier - MP3
The Mudfoot
Fat Albert - MP3
No One's Gonna Love You
The SOS Band - MP3
Low Down Stank
Breakestra - MP3
Sing a Simple Song
Sly & the Family Stone - MP3
Got The Love
Average White Band - MP3
Cross the tracks (We better go back)
Maceo & The Macks - MP3
Say No Go
De La Soul - MP3
North-Eat To Nippon
Breakestra - MP3
Soul Power
Maceo & The Macks - MP3
Rated "R"
Redman - MP3
Funky President
James Brown - MP3
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