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Peaceful Journey
Friday October 17th, 2014 with DJ 2 Creamz
Canadian Gold

Host DJ 2 Creamz got fresh with Canadian Hip Hop from coast to coast and 90s Oldschool Golden Era jams. Played: Hip Hop, Oldschool, Canadian Content Stay in the loop with show updates, features, events, and DJ 2 Creamz: -----
Relic - Golden Canadian
Same Old Me
Buck 'N Nice - Us Verses Them Canadian New
pHoenix Pagliacci Ft. Lord Quest (prod. Junia-T) - - Canadian New
Maya Killtron Ft. D.O Gibson - - Canadian New
Work It
Cam Smith - - Canadian New
We Stay Trippin
G.S.D - - Canadian New
Gravel Pit
Wu Tang Clan - -
The Realest
Casper The Ghost - MMM5 New
Man Of The Year
Ambition - Man Of The Year Canadian
Philly Moves - - Canadian New
Sorry Momma
YG - - New
Wherever I Go
Buhay Cali (Sabotawj & Randola) - - New
BET Cypher
Corey Charron - Lied To My Face Canadian New
Think Like A Man
Frost Gamble Ft. Zo The Jerk - - Canadian New
MDB - - Canadian New
All Crushed Under The Same Terrible Wheel
Flight Distance - - Canadian
Kid On The Corner
Devin Atherton - - Canadian
Eddie Quotez - - Canadian New
Amazing Feeling
City Fidelia - - Canadian