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Peaceful Journey
Friday May 2nd, 2014 with DJ 2 Creamz
Northern Touch

Host DJ 2 Creamz played mad Canadian Hip Hop from coast to coast. Stay in the loop with show updates, features, events, and DJ 2 Creamz: -----
heavy hitters
dj2creamz - heavy hitters New
proud of me ft shad
casper the ghost - mmm5 Canadian New
cabin in the woods ft skitso frenic
casper the ghost - mmm5 Canadian New
the realist
casper the ghost - mmm5 Canadian New
to nice ft kyle kane
casper the ghost - mmm5 Canadian New
phatoms ft big c and j esho
casper the ghost - mmm5 Canadian New
lrt be known
casper the ghost - mmm5 Canadian New
letter to heaven ft keno & maverick judson
casper the ghost - mmm5 Canadian
not myself
casper the ghost - mmm5 Canadian
alchol &voodoo ft sadie marguis
casper the ghost - mmm5 Canadian
daddys gone
casper the ghost - mmm5 Canadian
high & mighty ft haviah mighty
casper the ghost - mmm5 Canadian
do?i like
neph - the black box ep Canadian New
neph - the black box ep Canadian
invincible ft el da sensei
ghettosocks - for you pretty things Canadian
relic - golden Canadian
loud enuff ft moka only
relic - golden Canadian
cherry on top
moka only - cherry on top Canadian
summertime ft o.d.k ,ham-e & guilty pleasures
hope - - Canadian
not the same as em
sawbuck - - Canadian
umlimited creativity
chamon ft kid vishis,speshk &maloney - - Canadian
we stay trip pin
g.s.d. ft specsone , zee &dustin wareham - - Canadian
phoenix pagliacci - books bucks beats 2 Canadian
she make luv to the muzik
sha prince - visible concepts Canadian
circus clowns
the antiheroes - this is freedumb Canadian
what you're leaving behind
spesh k - grand spesh audio Canadian
pink stone house
erich mrak - - Canadian
love letter
elcee - natures coarse Canadian
rene costy (face to face)
lancecape ft dan-e-o - - Canadian
litta bitta inna
dan steele - bigger then here Canadian
rap life
blaq roche - #blaqfriday Canadian
people players
mad dukes & fresh kils - getting gatsby Canadian
enter my life
thacapitalE - - Canadian
dearly departed
maestro fresh wes - - Canadian
stranger ft saukrates
maestro fresh wes - - Canadian
where the wild things
duke buzzy - burn it out Canadian
dan-e-o ft wordsworth & yonatan watts - - Canadian
she wear my fitted
philly moves - creator of the lost art Canadian
sweatshop union - - Canadian
scallywags ft cola of wifetaker
tasha the amazon - fidiyootdem Canadian
epic ft church chizzle &dee - last symphony Canadian
feel the rain
divo - the evolution theory Canadian
pair of j's
uncle fester & ambition - kream2 the purple kicks Canadian
illvibe x notion x cee - #life Canadian
stay up ft fatty down
attikus - boo radley Canadian
as the crow flies
abstract artform - as the crow flies Canadian
black lotus
the airplane boys - alignment Canadian
cry baby ft teen burger
munshine - there is only today Canadian
diana prince
kool krys - perfume Canadian
spitten image - open mic night Canadian
for the shy
muneshine - theres only today Canadian
warriors tounge
masia one - - Canadian
no threat
atherton - no threat Canadian
pour it out
evil ebenezer - kush ups ep Canadian
chad hatcher & something good - ladie & gentlemen Canadian
carry on
attikus - - Canadian
buried alive
goliath paw - - Canadian
right beside him
michie mee - - Canadian
it ain't over ft hezekiah
cee - work in progress
believe in love
frost gamble - handpicked Canadian
james dean
homebased - - Canadian
just-in-rhymes - something in the attic Canadian
save me
king - - Canadian
follow my lead ft see
notion - pride on my cufflinks New