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Peaceful Journey
Friday March 28th, 2014 with DJ 2 Creamz
The Turn Up

Host DJ 2 Creamz continued the after party on the 1s & 2s and turned up large, fresh off spinning for the Kyprios show at Babylon in Ottawa. Played: Hip Hop, Old School, Electronic, Trap, Bass Music, Remixes, Mashups, Canadian Content Stay in the loop with show updates, features, events, and DJ 2 Creamz: ----- Download DJ 2 Creamz' "Booty Bounce Mix", "R&B Mix" and other Hip Hop and Electronic mixes for free on Soundcloud:
Fun Mix
DJ 2 Creamz - Fun Mix
Booty Bounce Mix
DJ 2 Creamz - Booty Bounce Mix
R&B Mix
DJ 2 Creamz - R&B Mix