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Cool Cuts

Cool Cuts
Thursday March 8th, 2012 with Chris Sharp

This first set is a musical discussion about rock 'n roll.
Rock 'n Roll
Poobah - Let Me In(1972)
Stick Around For Rock & Roll
Outlaws - Lady In Waiting(1976)
God,Love and Rock & Roll
Teegarden & Van Winkle - Teegarden & Van Winkle(1970)
Rock & Roll Music To The World
Ten Years After - Rock & Roll Music To The World(1972)
For the next 75 minutes Cool Cuts will profile Paul and Adrian Gurvitz and some of their best musical output from 1968 to 1975
Rupert's Travels
Gun - Gun(1968)
Race With The Devil
Gun - same
Sad Saga of the Boy and The Bee
Gun - same
Don't Look Back
Gun - same
Agent Man
Three Man Army - A Third of a Lifetime(1971)
Another Day
Three Man Army - same
Three Man Army - same
Three Man Army
Three Man Army - same
Three Man Army - single
What's Your Name
Three Man Army - single
Three Man Army - Three Man Army 2(1974)
Mad Jack
Baker Gurvitz Army - Baker Gurvitz Army(1974)
Baker Gurvitz Army - Elysian Encounters(1975)
The Gambler
Baker Gurvitz Army - Elysian Encounters(1975)
This last set features some personal Cool Cuts favorites.
The Ride To Agidir
Mike Batt - Schizophonia(1977)
Mean Town Blues
Johnny Winter - The Progressive Blues Experiment(1968)
Before The Kiss, a Redcap
Blue Oyster Cult - Blue Oyster Cult(1972)
The Money Tree
Damnation of Adam Blessing - Second Damnation(1970)
Interactive CKCU
Farronty Barronty
Great show :) I should be going to bed, but cant seem to turn it off...

12:53 AM, March 8th, 2012
Glad you like it-stay up awhile kiddo.

12:55 AM, March 8th, 2012
Farronty Barronty
Doing my best :) I like this three man army stuff

1:01 AM, March 8th, 2012
I won't be offended if you go to bed but I'll remember this slight for the rest of my life.Talk to you soon.

1:34 AM, March 8th, 2012
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