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Cool Cuts

Cool Cuts
Thursday November 10th, 2016 with Chris Sharp
Assorted U.K. bands

Tonight's show features the music of 5 U.K. bands ranging from pop to folk rock, straight ahead blues rock and a little progressive rock.
We open with the pop music of Squeeze which were led by the excellent songwriting team of Chris Difford and Glenn Tillbrook.
Cool For cats
Squeeze - Cool For Cats(1979)
Slap and Tickle
Squeeze - Cool For Cats(1979)
Separate Beds
Squeeze - Argybargy(1980)
Squeeze - East Side Story(1981)
Black Coffee In Bed
Squeeze - Sweets From a Stranger(1982)
Squeeze - Babylon and On(1987)
Originating in Glasgow,Scotland and led by Chris and Pauline Adams(husband and wife),augmented by violinist Graham Smith-String Driven Thing were at the apex of Scottish folk rock in the early 70's.That's code for nobody heard or bought their records in North America.
String Driven Thing - String Driven Thing(1972)
String Driven Thing - String Driven Thing(1972)
Let Me Down
String Driven Thing - String Driven Thing(1972)
The Machine That Cried
String Driven Thing - The Machine That Cried(1973)
String Driven Thing - Please Mind Your Head(1974)
Without You
String Driven Thing - Please Mind Your Head(1974)
Fairport Convention were a seminal band in British folk rock of the late 60's and among there members were such major talents as vocalist Sandy Denny and singer/songwriter Richard Thompson.
Who Knows Where The Time Goes
Fairport Convention - Unhalfbricking(1969)
Come All Ye
Fairport Convention - Leige and Leaf(1969)
On My Way
Sandy Denny and The Strawbs - All Our Own Work(1973)
Crazy Arms
The Bunch - The Bunch(1972)
Wall of Death
Richard and Linda Thompson - Shoot Out The Lights(1982)
Free featured the excellent vocals of Paul Rodgers-a smooth blues rock singer- and the guitar of Paul Kossoff. The band later morphed into arena act Bad Company by the mid 70's.
The Hunter
Free - Tons of Sobs(1969)
All Right Now
Free - Fire and Water(1970)
Little Bit of Love
Free - Free At Last(1972)
Wishing Well
Free - Heartbreaker(1973)
Manfred Mann's music transitioned from beat music of the mid 60's to progressive pop by the late 70's. Presented here are a couple of excellent examples of the Earth Bands' progressive music of the early 70's.
Give Me The Good Earth
Manfred Mann's Earth Band - The Good Earth(1974)
Manfred Mann's Earth Band - Messin'(1973)
Thank you to all who pledged during the funding drive and for listening. Next show broadcasts Nov. 24.
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8:40 PM, November 11th, 2016
Right coast is in!

9:28 PM, November 11th, 2016
really liked this show - listening again

11:43 AM, November 14th, 2016
again is good

2:05 PM, November 14th, 2016