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Cool Cuts
Thursday October 27th, 2016 with Chris Sharp
Funding Drive Show!/Cool Cuts 5th Anniversary

After an eight week absence from Ottawa's live airwaves Cool Cuts returns with a funding Drive Show-please dial(520-CKCU during show) and donate or help by donating on-line with a secure pledge . It is also Cool Cuts Fifth Anniversary so tonight's show features music and bands associated with the number five. Also-A shout-out to The Home Invasion crew for covering the last three shows with some truly excellent content-thanks guys!
Some enticement to donate (National Lampoon) and bands with a "Five" in their moniker encompasses the first set. Please dial 520-CKCU during live broadcast or 520-3920 during day or give on-line and help support Cool Cuts and CKCU for another year.
Listener Sponsored Radio #1
National Lampoon - That's Not Funny, That's Sick(1977)
Gimme Your Money Please
Bachman-Turner Overdrive - Bachman-Turner Overdrive(1973) Canadian
Writing On The Wall
Five Canadians - VA:Made In Canada Volume Three(1991) Canadian
Western Union
The Five Americans - Western Union(1967/2006)
Dick Ballentine Phone In #1
National Lampoon - That's Not Funny, That's Sick(1977)
Ling Ting Tong
The Five Keys - VA:The Golden Age of American Rock and Roll(1994)
Psychotic Reaction
The Count Five - VA:Nuggets Volume 1(1984)
You Were On My Mind
We Five - VA:Ktel Hootenanny!(1977)
You've Got What It Takes
Dave Clark Five - 25 Thumping Great Hits(1978)
Continuing with the theme this set consists of songs with the word "Five" included in the title. Five years already. Please dial and support community radio.
I'm Five years Ahead Of My Time
The Third bardo - VA:Nuggets, Original Artyfacts From The First Psychedelic Era(1994)
Five To One
The Doors - Waiting For The Sun(1968)
Listener Sponsored Radio #2
National Lampoon - That's Not Funny, That's Sick(1977)
Five Miles Out
Mike Oldfield - Five Miles Out(1982)
David Bowie - Station To Station(1976)
The Who - Quadrophenia(1973)
Now we return to bands with a "Five "in their name. Keep it alive for another year with a secure on-line pledge or call 520-CKCU during the show.
In The Still of The Night
The Five Satins - VA:Cruisin' 1956(1970)
Shake a Tailfeather
The Five Dutones - VA: The One-Derful Collection(2015)
Ooh Child
The Five Stairsteps - VA: Soul Hits of The 70's(1991)
The Life I Live
Q65 - The Best of Q65(2008)
Good Connection
5x5 - VA:Psychedelic Archeology(1994)
Five Day Rain - Five Day Rain(1970)
Five Day A Week Straw People
Five Day A Week Straw People - Five Day A Week Straw People(1970)
I'm A Stranger Here
Five Man Electrical Band - Absolutely Right-The Best of(1995)
For set number four we return to song titles mentioning the word "Five" . Dial and donate...don't wait.
Five Guys Named Moe
Joe Jackson - Jumpin' Jive(1981)
Hawaii 5-0
The Ventures - The Best of The Ventures(1987)
Take Five
The Dave Brubeck Quartet - Take Five(1961)
Four or Five Times
Commander Cody and His Lost Planet Airmen - Commander Cody and His Lost Planet Airmen(1975)
Five O'clock World
The Vogues - The Vogue's Greatest Hits(1968)
Twenty Five Miles
Edwin Starr - VA:Soul Supreme Vol 6(1969)
The Presidents - VA:Soul Hits of The 70's(1991)
We are working on a "groovy thing" here at CKCU along with you, the listener and for those who think this show will not air your heart out man-John Travolta rules!(or at least he ruled, if only for a short time)-oh yeah-please support this show by phone or hitting the donate button on-line.
Working On A Groovy thing
The 5th Dimension - Greatest Hits(1972)
A Fifth of Beethoven
Walter Murphy - VA:Saturday Night Fever-original movie soundtrack(1977)
Thank you for listening to and supporting this show for the last five years and in the future. Next show broadcasts November 10.
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