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Cool Cuts
Thursday August 20th, 2015 with Chris Sharp
Summer psychedelic freak-out!

Tonight's show features a mix of American and British psychedelic bands.
We open with some classic British psych.
Dream Starts
Elmer Gantry's Velvet Opera - Elmer Gantry's Velvet Opera(1967/2010)
Yours For At Least 24
Skip Bifferty - Skip Bifferty(1968)
The Open Ground
Pussy - Pussy Plays(1969/2001)
My Friend Jack
The Smoke - It's Smoke Time(1967/2006)
Making Time
The Creation - How Does It Feel To Feel(1967/1990)
Next up we have a mix of American psych bands,the first 3 of which hailed from Texas.
Stoned Age Man
Joseph - Stoned Age Man(1970/2010)
Smell of Incense
Southwest F.O.B. - Smell of Incense(1968/2006)
Endle St Cloud - Thank You Very Much(1968/1988)
Psyche Soap
The Electric Flag - Original Soundtrack:The Trip(1967)
Dr. of Philosophy
C.A. Quintet - Trip Thru Hell(1969/2010)
This World(Is Closing In On Me)
Chris Carpenter - VA:A Heavy Dose of Lyte Psych(1996)
Lothar And The Hand People - This Is It,Machines(1991)
Open My Eyes
Nazz - Nazz(1969)
More Brit psych is up next.Crank up the flanging and compression for full psychedelic effect.
14 Hour Technicolour Dream
The Syn - VA:Nuggets Vol 2(2001)
Granny Takes a Trip
Purple Gang - VA:Acid Drops,Spacedust & Flying Saucers(2001)
Children of The Sun
The Misunderstood - Before The Dream Faded(1968/1991)
Father's Name was Dad
Fire - VA:Nuggets Vol 2(2001)
Pictures of Matchstick Men
Status Quo - The Very Best of Status Quo(1994)
I Can Hear The Grass Grow
The Move - The Greatest Hits(1972)
A few Northern California psych bands are up next.
The Merry Go Round - The Merry Go Round(1967/2010)
What Would Life Be Without It
T.I.M.E. - T.I.M.E.(1969/1996)
The Lemonade Kid
Kak - Kak-ola(1968/1999)
Hearts To Cry
Frumious Bandersnatch - VA:San Francisco Nuggets(2007)
Next we have a few post psychedelic Brit bands that were part of the Ladbroke Grove scene.
House Without Windows
Mighty Baby - Mighty Baby(1969/1994)
Evening Over Rooftops
Edgar Broughton Band - Edgar Broughton Band(1971)
Assault & Battery pt 1
Hawkwind - Warrior On The Edge Of Time(1974)
We finish things off with some Los Angeles based psych era bands.
Black Roses
Clear Light - Clear Light(1967)
The Trip
Kim Fowley - VA:Impossibe But True-The Kim Fowley Story(2003)
Nickelodeon Music
The Family Tree - Miss Butters(1968/2007)
Until The Poorest of People Have Money To Spend
The West Coast Pop Art Experimental Band - A Child's Guide To Good & Evil(1968/2001)
Don't Blow Your Mind
The Spiders - VA:Back From The Grave(1993)
Flower Punk
Frank Zappa - We're Only In It For The Money(1968)
The Red Telephone
Love - Forever Changes(1968)
Thank you for listening.Next show broadcasts Sept. 3.
Interactive CKCU
heya! We been trying to stream your other shows here, and the internet connection is just plain shite. Looks like were going to miss this show LIVE from CKCU - but I'll catch it soon.

11:32 PM, August 19th, 2015
hoped you could listen in,talk to you soon

12:13 AM, August 20th, 2015