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Thursday April 16th, 2015 with Chris Sharp
Scotland Showcase!

Tonight's Show-"Scotland Showcase"-musical projects(of the 60's and 70's) produced by musicians and bands native to Scotland.Endorsed by "The Simpson's" well known Scotsman Willie the Gardener.Look ma-no bagpipes!
The Scottish song writing team of Benny Gallagher and Graham Lyle were original members of McGuinness Flint/Jimmy McCulloch played guitar for Thunderclap Newman and Wings(writing the prophetic Medicine Jar)/Ian Anderson led Jethro Tull through many ups and downs over the years.
When I'm Dead and Gone
McGuinness Flint - The Capitol Years(1996)
Look Around
Thunderclap Newman - Hollywood Dream(1969)
Medicine Jar
Wings - Venus and Mars(1975)
Jethro Tull - Stand Up(1969)
Gerry Rafferty joined The Humblebums with incumbent member and fellow Scot(and future comedian) Billy Connolly.Stealers Wheel was Rafferty's next project(formed with Joe Egan) before going solo with huge success in the late 70's.
Shoe-Shine Boy
The Humblebums - Billy Connolly & Gerry Rafferty:The Best of The Humblebums(1996)
My Apartment
The Humblebums - Billy Connolly & Gerry Rafferty:The Best of The Humblebums(1996)
Stuck In The Middle With You
Stealers Wheel - Best of Stealers Wheel(1990)
Stealers Wheel - Best of Stealers Wheel(1990)
Get It Right Next Time
Gerry Rafferty - Night Owl(1979)
Three Scottish entities that dominated the airwaves:Donavan in the 60's,Al Stewart in the 70's and Dire Straits(led by Glasgow born Mark Knopfler) were all over the radio in the 80's.
Life In Dark Water
Al Stewart - Time Passages(1978)
Water of Love
Dire Straits - Dire Straits(1978)
Donavan - Barabajagal(1969)
Scotsman guitarist/vocalist/bandleader Alex Harvey led the band Rock Workshop.Upon that band's dissolution he asked the members of Tear Gas to join him in his new band The Sensational Alex Harvey Band which went on to huge success in the U.K. and Europe but never really caught on in North America.
Ice Cold
Rock Workshop - Rock Workshop(1970)
Lay It On Me
Tear Gas - Tear Gas(1971)
The Sensational Alex Harvey Band - Framed(1972)
Buff's Bar Blues
The Sensational Alex Harvey Band - Framed(1972)
Alex Harvey's brother Les Harvey formed Stone The Crows with vocalist Maggie Bell.Original bassist Jim Dewar left to join Robin Trower's band on vocals and bass.Upon Les Harvey's untimely death(due to electrocution) Bell embarked on a solo career.
Mad Dogs and Englishmen
Stone the Crows - Ode To John Law(1970)
Big Jim Salter
Stone The Crows - Teenage Licks(1972)
I May Be Right I May Be Wrong
Stone The Crows - Teenage Licks(1972)
Comin' On Strong
Maggie Bell - Suicide Sal(1975)
Bridge of Sighs
Robin Trower - Bridge of Sighs((1974)
We finish tonight's "Scotland Showcase" with a grab bag of entities native to Scotland.Frankie Miller never caught on in North America,Nazareth had some hits in the 70's,Jack Bruce sang with Cream and Robin Trower(and others) and guitarist/vocalist Miller Anderson worked with Keef Hartley from the late 60's to the late 70's.
Be Good To Yourself
Frankie Miller - Full House(1977)
Called Her Name
Nazareth - Exercises(1971)
Boston Ball Game,1967
Jack Bruce - Songs For A Tailor(1969)
Nothing In This World
Miller Anderson - Bright City(1971)
Hard On The Levee
Frankie Miller - The Rock(1975)
Thank you for listening.Next show broadcasts April 30.
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12:09 AM, April 16th, 2015
hey there!

3:35 PM, April 21st, 2015
lefty chimes in-hey kiddo

4:22 PM, April 21st, 2015
nice show - you must have really enjoyed that flute player in the first set.

5:35 PM, April 21st, 2015
every 10 years or so I enjoy an extended flute solo with jazzy arrangement

8:16 AM, April 22nd, 2015