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Night Watch
Sunday November 3rd, 2013 with Dāv Fot

It's Funding Drive Time, dial 'em up!! Many thanks to those who donated... and those I didn't hear from... it's not over yet, there's time still to make your donation!
Mansion in the Sky
Nomeansno - All Roads Lead to Ausfahrt Canadian
Windsor Squirrel
Mark Alexander McIntyre - Online Canadian New
Human Hive
Bat Stew - Online Canadian New
The Slug
Orange Alabaster Mushroom - Time and Space Canadian
Meep Meep
My Dad Id Dead - The Taller You Are, The Shorter You Get
The Closet Contrarian
Dead Wrestler - 6-track EP Canadian
Can - Tago Mago
El Nino
Amoeba Starfish - Oceans Older Than Life Canadian
Disco Fever
Goat - World Music
Brass Balls of Daedalus
TBWNIAS - Scrappy Little Jaw Canadian
Stellar Perspectives
Hawkwind Light Orchestra - Stellar Variations
Bird in God's Garden
French Frith Kaiser Thompson - Live Love Larf and Loaf
Houndstooth Pt. 2
Mahogany Frog - Senna Canadian New
Maneige - Les Porches Canadian
Lonesome Wells
Tony Williams - Ego
Culture Release
Aptmospheres - Voyage to Uranus
Granpa's Guitar
Grobo - Online Canadian
Multiplicity of Doors
Earth - Angels of Darkness, Demons of Light