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Night Watch
Sunday January 13th, 2013 with Dāv Fot
Transmission 13! OM! Jazz for Jacques!

After presenting a good feature on 'new' (he's been plying musical waters for a while) artist 'Transmission 13', and playing a few tracks from the 'Adavaitic Songs' LP by 'OM' (it made a few 'top-10' lists for 2012, so I had to try it out...), we move on to playing some 'Jazz for Jacques', my own quiet memoriam for a beloved long-time station volunteer, Jacques Emond. Rest in Peace, mon ami.
Starting out with Some live streaming of a great ambient/prog from Manchester England - Transmission 13! Note: '1976' features Canadian artists (and friends of the Nightwatch) Phil Ogison and Antonio de Braga!
Transmission 13 - Kaleidoscopio/
Pictures of Lakes and Buildings
Transmission 13 - Kaleidoscopio/
Wider Than Pictures
Transmission 13 - Kaleidoscopio/
Transmission 13 - Kaleidoscopio/
Apollo 13
Transmission 13 - Kaleidoscopio/
After the start, we roll into some Residents, and then begin to make our way to the OM Feature, and it's Eastern influence
For Elsie
The Residents - Our Tired, Our Poor, Our Huddled Masses
Iceland Spar
Land of Kush - Against The Day Canadian
Light at the Speed Of Sound
High Watt Electrocutions - Desert Opuses Canadian
Finally at the Eastern-feeling hard rock touchstone, so we can get into the new LP by OM (ex-Sleep and Grails members here) 'Adavaitic Sounds.
OM - Adavaitic Songs
OM - Adavaitic Songs
Wish I could play more from the OM LP - excellent stuff - and I will on future Nightwatches... but for now, we have to move towards Jazzmode.
Long Dark Century
Fern Knight - Castings
The Magus
Third Ear Band - The Magus
Rasa - Rasa
Oregon - Distant Hills
The Influence
Ben - Ben
After a very long set, we make it to the Jazz. This set of music is in memoriam: longtime volunteer, and close acquantance of mine has sadly passed away - Jacques Emond from Swing is In The Air. He is many-storied, certainly, but holds a special place in my heart for the warmth and enthusiasm with which he welcomed me to the station 25 years ago. We will all miss him, and my sincerest condolances to his family. In his leaving us, we will all strive to affect the world around us as positively as he did, with the same warmth and enthuiasm. Rest in Peace.
Big Mac
Buddy Rich Big Band - The Roar Of '74
The Weaver
Cannonball Adderly Sextet - Planet Earth
Ptah, the Daoud
Alice Coltrane - Ptah, the Daoud
Sonny Rollins - Vol. 2
Gil Evans Orchestra - Synthetic Gil Evans
And we finish the Nightwatch where we started, with a long, ambient piece from Tansmission 13.
Time Will Pass You By
Transmission 13 -
Interactive CKCU
Antonio de Braga
Good show Dave!

2:20 PM, January 14th, 2013
Phil Ogison
Really cool, Dave! Had a lot of fun working with Mozz on 1976 and a few others on previous works. Very nice play list!

7:04 AM, January 15th, 2013
Bill G
Thank you Dave for introducing me to Transmission 13!

9:38 AM, January 15th, 2013
thanks dave,antonio and phil for your support!

8:24 AM, January 16th, 2013
Great show Dave!

2:48 PM, January 21st, 2013
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