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Guitar Town
Monday December 12th, 2011 with Darcy Lynch
Focus on Bruce Cockburn

I'm Alright
Dave Murphy - Yellow Moon Canadian New
If a Tree Falls
Bruce Cockburn - Big Circumstance Canadian
The Hosting of The Shee
The Waterboys - An Appointment with Mr. Yeats New
Chimes of Freedom
Phil Carmen - May Your Songs always be sung (tribute to Bob Dylan) Canadian
Wondering Where the Lions Are
Bruce Cockburn - Dancing in Dragon's Jaws Canadian
Last Exurision
Bob Haughian - Seperate Vacations Canadian
Nowwhere Road
Steve Earle - Exit 0
Hog Killin Time
Widow Maker - The Awful Truth Canadian New
Ribbon of Darkeness
Bruce Cockburn - Beautiful - A Tribute to Gordon Lightfoot Canadian
Skyscrapper Soul
Jim Cuddy - Skyscrapper Soul Canadian New
Anything Anytime
Bruce Cockburn - Lovers in a Dangerous Time Canadian
What Other Guy
Adam Cohen - Like A Man Canadian New
Reprise: Dream Ireland
Reg Savage - Keep Yourself Safe Canadian New
Closer to the light
Bruce Cockburn - Dart to the Heart Canadian