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The Passionate Friar
Monday July 30th, 2012 with Phelonius Friar
A particularly random assembly of songs

Well, I left my CDs and script at home on my way into Carleton today. Sigh. So, I snarfed a handful of MP3s from my dollar bin collection on my server at home (the Intertubes are awesome) and threw together the show. Given the generally random nature of the Dollar Bin at the best of times, I'm sure if I hadn't of mentioned anything nobody would have noticed ;).
Zen Frisbee - I'm As Mad As Faust
Acoustically Inclined - Oh Yah! Records Sampler #3 Canadian
Ready Or Not
Sloan Wainwright - Cool Morning
My Best Friend
Magnapop - Rubbing Doesnt Help
Primer Interlude
Mad At Gravity - Resonance
Walk Away
Mad At Gravity - Resonance
Army Of Me
Bjork - Tank Girl OST
Warped And Twisted
Plague Of Ethyls - Starball Contribution
It's A Shame
Flight 16 - Flight 16
We Got The Beat
The Huntingtons - Starball Contribution
School Of Fish - School Of Fish
3 Strange Days
School Of Fish - School Of Fish
Bahamas Heavy!
Monostar - The Airport
Llama Farmers - Dead Letter Chorus
Down On Me
Magnapop - Rubbing Doesnt Help