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The Passionate Friar
Monday October 10th, 2011 with Phelonius Friar
No theme, just tending towards house and chill

Felt like kicking back musically on this outrageously temperate Thanksgiving Monday.
Song For Lindy
Fatboy Slim - Better Living Through Chemistry
Sense Of Danger
Presence - All Systems Gone
Gimme Less Friction
Heroic Doses - Heroic Doses
Mr. Melee
Laika And The Cosmonauts - Local Warming
Hardvark - Buy-Product
Little Kingdoms
Change Of Heart - Steelteeth Canadian
Povi - Life In Volcanoes
Pink Noise Test - Plasticized
Good Job Joshua
The Cosmos - Sort Of. Not Really. Kind Of. Badly Executed by... The Cosmos
Pushing The Vibe feat. DRS
Nookie - In @The Deep End