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The Passionate Friar
Wednesday July 6th, 2016 with Phelonius Friar
Interview with science education innovator Dr. Ian Blokland from the Augustana campus of the University of Alberta

Dr. Blokland's web page: The presentation he gave at the 2016 CAP Congress ("Introductory Experiments from Scratch"):
Desafinado & The Girl From Ipanema
Stan Getz - N/A (1983)
Interview with Dr. Ian Blokland of the Augustana Campus of the University of Alberta. Recorded June 14 at the CAP Congress (CAP = Canadian Association of Physicists) held at the University of Ottawa after a talk he gave at the session on "Lab Revitalisation: Innovative and Distance Undergraduate Labs" organized by the Division of Physics Education of the Canadian Association of Physicists.
Menina Moca (feat. Laurindo Almeida)
Stan Getz - N/A
Portishead vs Blondie vs Kanye West - Sour Glass (mashup)
Gavin Burrell - aka The Reborn Identity
Adele vs Fleetwood Mac: 'Rumours Have It' (mashup)
Gavin Burrell - aka The Reborn Identity
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Good morning all! I look forward to today's show. Should be interesting! Stay coooooool!

10:06 AM, July 6th, 2016
Phelonius Friar (host)
I'm very excited :).

10:17 AM, July 6th, 2016
Neat interview! Had a great radio voice and made some really good points. I like that it wasn't all hard-core science and I could keep up with it. I don't know why non-science peeps are afraid of labs, I always loved the labs and if my course concentrated on them, in a hands-on fashion I'd definitely take them!

10:34 AM, July 6th, 2016
Phelonius Friar (host)
If the labs are done right, they are tremendous fun. Some of the more hardcore labs (I mean you "Millikan Experiment"!) are tedious and frustrating, but just about everything else is exciting and pretty darned cool! As I said in the interview, some folks who were doing theory in physics were just as freaked out by "labs" as the stereotypical "arts student", so there's lots of work to do in both the arts and sciences to up the expectations of a good time doing labs.

10:53 AM, July 6th, 2016