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The Passionate Friar
Wednesday October 16th, 2013 with Phelonius Friar and Lilith
Seems like a lot of europop and disco this show... but not exclusively

Fat Chance
Lewis Storey - Crazy Heart
Split Second
Lisa Loeb - Firecracker
Let The Music Lift You Up
Loveland - The Wonder of Love
Rollerboogie Babyboll
Hyperbubble - Airbrushed Alibis
Live On MTV
Miss Kittin and The Hacker - Electroklash
Love Today
Mika - Life In Cartoon Motion
Charm Farm - Pervert
Dub In Life
Eiffel 65 - Europop
De Anza Jig
Primus - Tales From The Punchbowl
Hijo De La Luna
Sarah Brightman - La Luna
Interactive CKCU
Morning guys! Looking forward to the show!

10:01 AM, October 16th, 2013
good morning everyone.... Wow that song threw me a curve. love the dollar bin gold !!

10:08 AM, October 16th, 2013
Phelonius Friar (host)
Heh, gold and bold!

10:23 AM, October 16th, 2013
MIKA!!!!!!!!!!! <3 <3 <3 I ADORE THIS SONG!!! Friar you made my day!

10:38 AM, October 16th, 2013
Phelonius Friar (host)

10:39 AM, October 16th, 2013
Phelonius Friar
Ah, Sarah, the next civilian to be visiting the International Space Station (prolly in 2015)!

10:57 AM, October 16th, 2013
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