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The Passionate Friar
Wednesday May 15th, 2013 with Phelonius Friar
Digging a little deeper into my dollar bin collection

From Latin American Polka to Texan Techno Bubblegum and Swedish Indie Pop to East Indian Fusion, today's Dollar Bin covered a wide spectrum of wonderful, engaging, and sometimes whimsical music from all over the world... culminating in a non-dollar bin track from interplanetary space (hey, some things are worth bending or breaking self-imposed rules for).
El Gallo Copet
Flaco Jiminez - Buena Suerte, Senorita
Speed Racer (Club Mix)
Alpha Team - Chris Sheppard's A Trip To The Moon Canadian
Mr. Melee
Laika And The Cosmonauts - Local Warming
Indoor Kidz
Hyperbubble - Airbrushed Alibis
Going Through The Motions
Mysteries of Life - Keep A Secret
Absolutely Barking Stars
Maria McKee - Buy-Product 2
Catch Me
Chimera - Grass Of '96
Ready Or Not
Sloan Wainwright - Cool Morning
Bikram Ghosh - The Best Of Fusion Mosaic
Fly To Me
Sheila Chandra - Out On My Own
Space Oddity
Chris Hadfield - N/A Canadian
Interactive CKCU
I'm listening in and looking forward to what's in store for us today. Happy hump-day Friar!

10:04 AM, May 15th, 2013
Love that Speed Racer mix! :D

10:09 AM, May 15th, 2013
Phelonius Friar (host)
Heh, glad you enjoyed it... a bit of fun for this wonderful Wednesday morning.

10:13 AM, May 15th, 2013
Oooooohhh Sheila Chandra... always a good choice. Such a lovely voice.

10:54 AM, May 15th, 2013
OH YAY! <3 <3 <3 Hadfield's cover of "Space Oddity"! Might fine choice. And yes, everyone should REALLY see the video. Great show today Friar - thank you so much!

10:56 AM, May 15th, 2013
crud.. just missed it

11:38 AM, May 15th, 2013
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