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Mar's Local Connection
Tuesday June 19th, 2012 with Martha Walsh

Maria Hawkins
Sweet Tart
Belle Plaine - Notes From A Waitress Canadian
Now That I've Found You
Ryan Cook - Peaks and VAlleys Canadian
Before The Shame Sets In
Brendan Flynn and The Terrible Liars - Sweater Weather Canadian
Keep On Knockin
Jack Pine and The Fire - Jack Pine and The Fire Canadian
Beggar In The Morning
The Barr Brothers - The Barrr Brothers Canadian
Money on a ring
Huntley Slim And The Suburban Cowboys - Make Work Project Canadian
Wrecking Ball
Ken Workman - New Track Canadian
Heartbroken Girl
Silver Creek - Follow The Sun Canadian
Drag your words through
Nick Sherman - Drag Your Words Through Canadian
Here Before
The Greenbank Trio - Here Before Before Here Before Canadian
There once was a man
Salton Sea - Work in Progress Canadian
High Waters - Gather Wish Canadian New
Restless Man
The Divorcees - Four Chapters Canadian New
Ugly Stick
Ninety Pounds of Ugly - Richmond Motel Room # Canadian
Celery Troff - Hind Leg Highness Canadian New
A Secret Amongst Friends
No Fly List - Blaze On Canadian
For The Sake of My Pride
Fiftymen - Balances and Sums Canadian
Freight Train
Maria Hawkins - Maria Hawkins Live Canadian
Good YEar
The Danger Bees - Wyatt Canadian New
Interactive CKCU
Which venue did you enjoy the most at NXNE? I didn't go to a lot of venues as I arrived on Friday. I had a bit of obligations. :) At least I went to the Horseshoe Tavern on Saturday night.

9:46 AM, June 19th, 2012
Martha Walsh (host)
There were so many venues to choose from but I enjoyed the Painted Lady The Horseshoe and The Bovine Sex Club

10:13 AM, June 19th, 2012
Another funny thing was that a CBC Radio 3 fan/listener bumped into you and mentioned me. Small world? :)

10:30 AM, June 19th, 2012
How is that in any way funny?

10:57 AM, June 19th, 2012
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