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Mar's Local Connection
Tuesday June 12th, 2012 with Martha Walsh

If you could read my mind
Gordon Lightfoot - If you could read my mind Canadian
Family Economics
Gentleman Husbands - Gentleman Husbands Canadian
Queen of Protland Street
Matt Mays - Unreleased Exclusive Canadian
Little Stella - Highwire Canadian
You have what you need son
Tired Lion - Tired Lion Canadian
Radio Lo-Fi
The Ticket - The Ticket Canadian
Rainy Day
Arms of the Girl - Warning Signs Canadian
No More
Julie Doiron - Woke Myself Up Canadian
The Richardson Band - Sunday Best Canadian New
Aardwolf - Sneak Peak Canadian New
Wanted Man
The Wicked Mercy - The Wicked Mercy Canadian
Owl Farm - A Cautionary Tale Canadian
TwenTwo Minutes
Fiftymen - Balances and Sums Canadian
Cool Winter Nights
The F-Holes - Angel In The Corner Canadian
Last Time again
The Bible All Stars - The Bible All Stars Canadian
Good2Go - C'mon Canadian
Learning How to Swim
The F-Holes - Angel in the Corner Canadian
Austin Lucas - The Common Cold