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Mar's Local Connection
Tuesday September 5th, 2023 with Martha Walsh
New tunes, old tunes, and artists from CityFolk and shows this week in Ottawa

Switched On Synths: Touched Fables (CD RELEASE) + Choirz + Groupe B House of Targ Thursday September 7th, 2023 Country Vs Rock - Irenes 885 Bank Street The Escape Society with s/g The Great Train Wreck and Jim McDowell Friday September 8,2023 Kaffe 1870 715 Riverside Drive, Wakefield, QC,, Tin Constellations and David Taggart, Saturday September 9, 2023 RedBird Live 1165 Bank Street,Campbell & Johnston, Saturday September 9th, 2023 City Folk, Ottawa Landsdowne Park. The Great Lawn September 13th to the 17th, 2023 Gussapolooza, Cookstown , 4635 15th Line, September 15th to 17th, Cassie Noble CKCU 2023 Funding drive October 27th to November 12th more info to come.
Mar's Local Connection theme song
Still Winter Hills - unreleased Canadian
Cassie Noble - Nowhere To Go But Everywhere Canadian New
Mikhail Laxton - Mikhail Laxton Canadian New
Je M'en Fous
Kristine St-Pierre - Call Me Crazy Canadian
Rabbit Holes
Tin Constellations - Rabbit Holes Canadian
The Great Train Wreck - Derailed Canadian
Pretty City
The Escape Society - Pretty City Canadian New
Before My Time
The C.A. & Sonny Show - The C.A. & Sonny Show: Vol. 1 Canadian
Hey Mister
RedFox - Single Release Canadian
blue moon
Sophie Ash - Midnight Thoughts Canadian
Hope in a Blackened Heart
Touched Fables - A Thousand Goodbyes Canadian New
Diamond Lover
Choirz - Diamond Lover Canadian
Campbell & Johnston - Campbell & Johnston's Black Market Canadian
Break In The Sky
Kristine St-Pierre - Single Release Canadian
Interactive CKCU