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Mar's Local Connection
Tuesday August 22nd, 2023 with Martha Walsh
New releases and Barnstorm

Mar's Local Connection Theme Song
Still Winter Hills - unreleased Canadian
Rise Up with Fists Jenny Lewis Cover
Elliott Brood - Covers Collection Canadian New
Private Warfare
Ryan Fisher - Commercials for Heaven Canadian
Riptide Vance Joy - in the stairwell
GFN - Single Release Canadian New
Roscoe GT - New Release Canadian New
Martian Time Slip
The Atomic Tempunauts - Single Release Canadian
Lord's Got Tomatoes
The C.A. & Sonny Show - Volume 1 Canadian
When The Circus Came To Town
Paul Weber - Live at Red Bird Music Canadian
Rabbit Hole
Tin Constellations - Rabbit Holes Canadian
Bitterness As Your Countryside
Tin Constellations - Live at Irenes March 2023 Canadian
Lucky Stone
Evil Creek - Single Release Canadian New
Away From the Sun
Evil Creek - Away From The Sun Canadian
Ottawa Tree Lament Song
Paul Weber - Single Release Canadian
Overheard In An All Night Diner
Ryan Wayne - Crow Amongst The Sparrows Canadian New
Dying To Let you Go
Mikhail Laxton - Mikhail Laxton Canadian New
Interactive CKCU
Laurence Roscoe
Thank you so much for playing our song 'Circle'! We really appreciate the support. Roscoe GT

5:10 PM, August 26th, 2023