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This Island Earth

This Island Earth
Sunday January 10th, 2010 with Alnoor Allidina / Neil Bakshi / Rob Bitschofsky / Ron Steeds
Releases and Reissues of the Decade

Hank Jones - Sarala
Queen Bee
Toumani Diabate & Taj Mahal - Kulanjan - Hannibal
Monsieure Le Maire de Niafunke
Toumani Diabate & Ali Farka Toure - In the Heart of the Moon - World Curcuit
Hamadi - unknown
No, Doctor, No (The Situation In Trinidad)
Mighty Sparrow - First Flights - Smithsonian Folkways
Blues For Nick
Blue Notes - Blues Notes: The Ogun Collection - Ogun
Ceu - S.T.
madiera river
uatki - aguas de amazonia
With the Moon I'm Walking / Ivan Said to Donka
Savina Yannatou - Terra Nova - ECM
Hua Ngawk Yawk Sao
Isan Slete - Flower of Isan
L'arpeggiata - Los Impossibles
Sigur Ros - Agaetis Byrjun - Fat Cat
DJ Znobia - Bisnerura
Help Me Somebody
Brian Eno/David Byrne - My Life in the Bush of Ghosts 25th anniversary ed.
My Darling's Love Arrow
Ni Ni Win Shwe - Princess Nicoine - Sublime Frequencies
Mola Mamad, My Beloved
Mahwash - Radio Kaboul - Accords Croises
An Oyster in Paris
Rabih Abou-Khalil - Il Sospiro
Homayun Sakhi - The Art of the Afghan Rubab - Smithsonian Folkways
The Wind Pt. 4
Kayhor Kalhor & Erdal Erzincan - The Wind - ECM
Say Hello
Fela Kuti and Jay Z - Nigerian Gangster
Big Man
Antibalas - Who Is This America - Artemis
Fela Kuti - Music is the Weapon: The Best of Fela Kuti - Wrasse
Kaluulu Balu
Kasai All Stars - In The 7th Moon the Chief Turned Into A Swimming Fish - Crammed Disc
Worldwide Funk
Foday Musa Suso/Jack DeJohnette - Music From the Hearts of the Masters
Don Isaac Ezekial Combination - Nigeria Special: Modern Highlife, Afro-Sounds & Nigerian Blues - Soundway
Get It Up
The Very Best - The Very Best Mixtape
Kare Nanhasi
Hallelujah Chicken Run Band - Take one
Da Minha Vida
The People Project - The People Project Canadian