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This Island Earth

This Island Earth
Sunday March 17th, 2019 with Rob Bitschofsky
An evocation of spring!

We are, frankly, finished with winter. And so, today, nothing but upbeat sunny music to petition the gods for spring to finally come.
Pica O Dedo
Africa Ritmos - Angola Soundtrack
Mali Cuba
AfroCubism - AfroCubism
Papo Furado (Jive Talking)
Airto Moreira - Single
Alfredo Linares - El Pito
El Salon
Julio Angel - Bachata Roja: Acoustic Bachata from the Cabaret Era
Pizzicarella Mia (Pizzica Tarantata)
L'Arpeggiata/Christina Pluhar - La Tarantella: Antidotum Tarantulae
Ana Moura - Desfado
Kora Borealis
Addictive TV - Orchestra of Samples
Stonetown Shakedown
Dem Juju Poets - Liberated Thoughts
Nassau Jam (Smoove'S Funky Jam Remix)
The Bahama Soul Club - Bossa Nova Just Smells Funky
Bass do Tambô
BNegão & Seletores de Frequencia - BNegão & Seletores de Frequencia
Dorothy Ashby - Afro-Harping
Time To Waste It
Eno-Hyde - High Life
Hands Off She's Mine
English Beat - 12" Single
Junco Partner
The Clash - Sandanista!
Check Him Out
The Bleechers - Upsetter Box Set
A Live Injection
The Upsetters - Lee "Scratch" Perry Anthology 1968-1979
I'm Gonna Put It On
Bob Marley and the Wailers - Bob Marley 1963-1966 One Love (At Studio One)
The Whip
The Ethiopians - Everything Crash: the Best of the Ethiopians
Pickney Gal
Desmond Dekker - The King of Ska: The Indispensable Desmond Dekker
Too Busy Thinking About the Magnificent Seven
The Clash vs Marvin Gaye (mashup by Bobby Martini) - This One's For Joe
Pueblo Nuevo
Buena Vista Social Club - Buena Vista Social Club
Bill Laswell - Sacred System, Dub Chamber 4: Book of Exit
Bitori - Legend Of Funaná (The Forbidden Music of The Cape Verde Islands)
Wababa (E Preciso Crescer)
André Sampaio & Os Afromandinga - Desaguou
Cheikh Lô - Jamm
Tsy Miroro
Damily - Valimbilo
Manheru Changamire
Hallelujah Chicken Run Band - Take One
Dunia Watu
Jagwa Music - Jagwa Music
Assagai - Assagai
Chris McGregor And The South African Exiles - Thunderbolt
Interactive CKCU
Not only is it St. Pat's today. In Newfoundland, and parts of Cape Breton, tomorrow is Employee Absenteeism Day!! Sayin... q;*)

1:37 PM, March 17th, 2019
Rob Bitschofsky (host)
For the obvious reasons, I suppose, PB? I learned this year that Ireland actually gets tomorrow of as a statutory holiday. I know this now only because the high-tech company I work for by day now has in Irish division, so I work with actual Irish cats every day. Well, every day except tomorrow.

1:44 PM, March 17th, 2019
Rob Bitschofsky (host)
I also just learned, in typing that entry, that it's a statutory holiday, not a statuatory holiday. Really, PB, one never stops learning!

1:45 PM, March 17th, 2019
Great show Rob

2:06 PM, March 17th, 2019
Rob Bitschofsky (host)
Thank you, Subham! Keep listening, because there's more great music to come!

2:17 PM, March 17th, 2019
What year did this show start

2:30 PM, March 17th, 2019
Rob Bitschofsky (host)
I think it was 1962, Subham. No, no; I'm just kidding. I actually don't know, and I think the answer has been lost in the mists of time. The show has been around as long as anybody can remember. When I came on board, which is probably around 10 years ago now, the hosts at the time couldn't pinpoint when it began.

2:37 PM, March 17th, 2019
What songs are you playing

2:40 PM, March 17th, 2019
Rob Bitschofsky (host)
All reggae right now, Subham, with the list just to the left of this chat, if you're looking on a desktop device. If you're on your phone, it's probably way up above here.

2:43 PM, March 17th, 2019
Rob Bitschofsky (host)
Right now, we got the Ethiopians, one of the most wonderful and yet woefully underrated reggae groups of all time!

2:43 PM, March 17th, 2019
Rob Bitschofsky (host)
And I went back and looked at our list of playlists, which dates back to 2009, and I was here for a bit before we started to post them, so yeah, I guess I did get here more than ten years ago. Sheesh. A decade. Time flies when you're spinning glorious world music.

2:44 PM, March 17th, 2019
Not him again
Great shoooooow today Sir Rob. Music to chop ice with an axe, and build some sink supports, to. ;^) Your invocation will eventually come true. And then, we will almost certainly complain it is too hot...

3:57 PM, March 17th, 2019
Alex MacKenzie
belated thanks for this amazing set list...winter begone!

9:24 PM, March 17th, 2019