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This Island Earth
Sunday December 2nd, 2018 with Manmohan Panesar
Jazzy program as a Tribute to the late Ron Sweetman + Thank you to Funding Drive Donors!!

Welcome to THIS ISLAND EARTH, CKCU's ''world music'' program, broadcast every Sunday afternoon from 1 to 4 p.m. EST. Stay with us this afternoon (Sunday 1-4pm) at CKCU 93.1 FM in the greater Ottawa area or at from anywhere around the world. This afternoon we thanks all the donors who pledged during our recent Funding Drive 2018. In addition we honour Ron Sweetman, our wonderful CKCU colleague who hosted the CKCU jazz show, "In a Mellow Tone" for some 39 years. Ron passed away on on October 24 at the age of 86 years old. We, the hosts of "This Island Earth" were regular listeners of "In a Mellow Tone". So, this afternoon we feature a program of jazz from all over the globe - worldly jazz. Enjoy. Keep it locked here at CKCU, the Mighty 93.1 FM.
We pay tribute to Ron Sweetman, starting off with a great jazzy, rhythmic track from the Trinidadian group, Black Truth Rhythm Band.
Black Truth Rhythm Band - Iteyafo
More jazz in this set, mainly from the US as well as from the planet, Saturn.
Always There
Build an Ark - Peace with Every Step
Great Black Music
Kahil El'Zabar - Follow the Sun
Sun Ra - Atlantis
Street Rap
Maulawi - New Thing!
Now on to some eastern jazzy sounds as we move towards Eastern Europe, North Africa and the Middle East
Blues for the Orient
Yusuf Lateef - Eastern Sounds
Ordog Bujt A Botomba
Kálmán Balogh & The Gipsy Cimbalom Band - Kálmán Balogh & The Gipsy Cimbalom Band
Egypt Strut
Salah Ragab & The Cairo Jazz Band - Egyptian Jazz (Remastered)
Abd El Fattah Mansi - Zamaan Ya Sukkar - Exotic Love Songs and Instrumentals from the Egyptian 60's New
Ahmed Abdul-Malik - Jazz Sounds Of Africa
Tetrapath 1: Life
Hafez Modirzadeh - In Chromodal Discourse
Now on to some Jazz from South, Eastern and Western Africa...
Yakhal' Inkomo
Mankunku - Yakhal' Inkomo
Sala le man
Hugh Masekela - Reconstruction
Dudu Pukwana - In the Townships
Johnny Dyani with John Tchicai & Dudu Punkwana - Witchdoctor's Son
Gift of Three
Tumi Mogorosi - Project Elo
Chik Chikka
Mulatu Astatke & The Heliocentrics - Inspiration Information
Mor Thiam - Dini Safarrar
Steve Reid - Daxaar
Some jazz with a South Asian flavour with a fascinating new release. This is a lengthy piece but well worth a careful listen as it weaves from one mood to the next. Brilliant. Then we squeeze in a couple of final pieces - Latin jazz starting with the Cuban supergroup Irakere...
Brigach and Ganges
Manfred Schoof, Barney Wilen, Irène Schweizer & Dewan Motihar Trio - Jazz Meets India New
Chekeré Son
Irakere - Chekeré Son
The Tamba Trio - The Miraculous Tamba Trio
Interactive CKCU
Manmohan Panesar (host)
Welcome to TIE! Any Earthlings out there listening?? Hit us up here with any questions or feedback of any kind.

1:21 PM, December 2nd, 2018
Looking forward a trip to Saturn... ;^)

1:35 PM, December 2nd, 2018
Manmohan Panesar (host)
Zork!!! We may go back to Saturn again.

1:46 PM, December 2nd, 2018
Um, yeah, I thought the jazz show starts at 4.

3:02 PM, December 2nd, 2018
Manmohan Panesar (host)
It's jazz from around the world this afternoon, Bubba.

3:09 PM, December 2nd, 2018
Officially on the hunt for Tetrapath 1: Life Hafez Modirzadeh - In Chromodal Discourse!!! If anyone can hook me up please email <3 <3 <3

4:11 PM, December 2nd, 2018