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This Island Earth
Sunday November 4th, 2018 with Manmohan & PeterB
CKCU Funding Drive 2018, Final Episode #3, featuring music from all over the pan-galactic N-dimensional map! And a whole lotta begging of course.

CKCU NEEDS YOUR CONTRIBUTION to our very worthy cause, RIGHT NOW!! Just to stay afloat. Yup, CKCU funding drive 2018 is all but done. There will be less tunage and loooong sets than usual for This Island Earth, and ample begging and pleading. Well, unless YOU light up the phones and Internet to dial/tap and donate! Go to and hit the big red button, or dial 613-520-3920. Do it NOW. We depend on your support!!
Coco May May
Ocho - Culture Clash in New York City: Experiments in Latin Music 1970-77
Dur-Dur Band - Dur Dur of Somalia, Vol. 1 & 2 New
Thabang Tabane - Matjale New
Gyedu-Blay Ambolley - Simigwa New
Mali Dje
Ali Farka Toure - Niafunke
Okonkolo - Cantös New
Novalima - Karimba
Bells Before Love
Rory Magill - unreleased Canadian
Saturn (live 2017)
Rakestar Arkestra & Tone Cluster Choir w. Christine Duncan (dir.) - Sung Ra Canadian
Cimbaliband - Balkan Projekt New
Grand Theft Stutinki
Schtreml - Eastern Hora
Hasidic New Wave - Psycho-Semitic
Abd El Fattah Mansi - Sukkar - Exotic Love Songs and Instrumentals from the Egyptian 60's New
Bathroom Sex
Leo Justi - Real Rio
Streets of Calcutta
Ananda Shankar - A Life in Music
Idris Ackamoor & The Pyramids - An Angel Fell
Kele Mubana
Mor Thiam - Dini Safarrar
The Uncertainty Principle
The Heliocentrics - A World of Masks
Mambo a la Braque
Javier Alvarez - Electro Clips Canadian
Shall I Throw it Down
Slavic Soul Party! - Bigger
Teknochek Collision
Slavic Soul Party! - Remixed
A Minha Menina
Os Mutantes - Os Mutantes
Bixiga 70 - Quebra Cabeça
Interactive CKCU
Manmohan Panesar (host)
Welcome to TIE. Today is the last day of CKCU Funding Drive 2018. Please dial and donate. 613-520-3920. No more time to wait. If you're a listener of this program please get to the phone and make your pledge to support non-commercial, volunteer-run and listener-supported radio. This is real radio for real people! 613-520-3920 Just do it!

1:11 PM, November 4th, 2018
Dave Aardvark (host)
Great show guys, thank you for all your efforts!

2:36 PM, November 4th, 2018
Manmohan Panesar (host)
Thanks davE! Keep listening. We'll keep it rolling from here in the booth. I hope more listeners will dial and donate!

2:45 PM, November 4th, 2018
Dave Aardvark (host)
what the current overall total?

2:49 PM, November 4th, 2018
Manmohan Panesar (host)
We're just shy of $130 000.

2:59 PM, November 4th, 2018
Heavy Ben
Enjoying the tunes. Music to cook by, it's going to be a spicy stew...

3:22 PM, November 4th, 2018
Dave Aardvark (host)
A nice stew brew'd for CKCU. Hi Ben!

3:24 PM, November 4th, 2018
Manmohan Panesar (host)

3:27 PM, November 4th, 2018