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This Island Earth
Sunday September 2nd, 2018 with PeterB
From contemplative, to out there free jazz, to fusions. Dig it!

Today's This Island Earth adventure leads us from the spiritual and contemplative, to Pan-Galactic Jazz, to Afro-Futurism, to Fusions, to... Mostly just lots of long sets, and long tracks. Less yacks, more tracks. How we like it! Please hit us up on the Interactive Thingy (over there ==>). We'd love to hear from you!! PS: THANKS Ed for filling the gap as yers truly was badly delayed trying to get in to the studio today!!
Slither (Theme)
Anoushka Shankar and Karsh Kale - Breathing Under Water - Manhattan Records, 2007
Some emergency back-fill from Ed Kingscote ,,, while PeterB was badly stuck in traffic. THANKS AGAIN ED!!
The Guvna
The Imagined Village - Bending the Dark - ECC, 2012
Go Lem System - Viaje - K-Industria, 2002
A spiritual, contemplative start. Featuring an absolutely wonderful raga, for fluid piano (yes, piano). Deep listening. Put down whatever you claim to be doing, and dust off your very best headphones now…
The Machine (Angry Violins)
Drumhand / Propeller Dance - Circuit - Independent, 2018 Canadian New
David Tomlinson - Sowelu - Global Voices With Precussion - Rising Seventh, 1995 Canadian
Spirit of the Prayer Wheel (Kathmandu, Nepal)
Cities and Memory / Mark Taylor - Sacred Spaces - Independent (via Bandcamp), 2017
Raga Todi
Utsav Lal - The Fluid Piano - Fluid Piano Recordings, 2016
Pan-Galactic Jazz and Afro-Futurism, sliding to sonic mayhem.
Save Our Children (feat. Zakir Hussain, prod. Bill Laswell)
Pharoah Sanders - Save Our Children - Verve Records, 1998
Shiva-Loka (feat. Pharoah Sanders)
Alice Coltrane - Journey in Satchidananda - Impulse!, 1971
Isis and Osiris (Live) (feat. Pharoah Sanders)
Alice Coltrane - Journey in Satchidananda - Impulse!, 1971
The Now Tomorrow (live) [bonus track]
Sun Ra And His Arkestra - Featuring Pharoah Sanders & Black Harold - ESP Disk, 2009 re-issue (orig. El Saturn, 1976)
Just one great big olio of musical mash-ups and fusions to round things out! Do follow along on the playlist…
The Turbans - The Turbans - Six Degrees Records, 2018
Aman (Gaudi Remix)
The Turbans / Gaudi - single - Six Degrees Records, 2018 New
Novalima - Afro (2018 Reissue) - Wonderwheel Recordings, 2018 (orig. Mr Bongo, 2005) New
Macaco (Novalima Remix)
Novalima - Karimba (2018 Reissue) - Wonderwheel Recordings, 2018 (orig. Eighteenth Street Lounge Music, 2012) New
Flamingods - Majesty - Soundway Records, 2016
Invisible System - Bamako Sessions - World Music Network / Riverboat, 2018 New
Brooklyn Raga Massive / Rasika Shekar - Women's Raga Massive Compilation v1 - Independent, 2017
Quebra Cabeça [pre-release single]
Bixiga 70 - Quebra Cabeça - Glitterbeat Records, 2018 New
Cheb i Sabbah - Devotion - Six Degrees Records, 2008
Love Dreams (Based on Raag Mishra Darbari)
DJ Cheb i Sabbah / Mala Ganguly + Shafqat Ali Khan - Shri Durga - Six Degrees Records, 1999
Exit, stage left.
A Mystical Morning
Debashish Bhattacharya & John McLaughlin - The Rough Guide To Psychedelic India - World Music Network, 2015
Interactive CKCU
Hi PeterB, Glad you made it into CKCU in one piece! Getting around the campus is fun 'n' games at the best of times--today is probably worse. Doing some serious housework today--getting ready for the 'second' New Year that happens on the day after Labour Day in this part of the world. Saying goodbye to summer and getting back into a new routine.

1:20 PM, September 2nd, 2018
PeterB (host)
Welcome! Hope y'all enjoy today's extended set of mostly long tracks. Due to the delay getting in (insane traffic on Campus), there will be some re-arranging of the playlist as we go. Might want to hit refresh on your browser every now and then.

1:27 PM, September 2nd, 2018
peter bunnett
hi, whereare we now in playlist?

1:45 PM, September 2nd, 2018
PeterB (host)
Hi Peter. Glad you are listening in! We are currently playing Utsav Lal - The Fluid Piano "Raga Todi". The fluid piano is a modified piano of his design, allowing micro-tonal tunings and note bending, so can be used to play raga and many other non-western forms. Darned cool sound!!

1:48 PM, September 2nd, 2018
I'll say! Very spacey. Litter box, done! Dishes, Done!

1:57 PM, September 2nd, 2018
PeterB (host)
Oops! A correction. The Fluid Piano (tm) was actually created by Geoff Smith back in 2009. Lal was the premier performer on it, in 2012, debuting raga on the instrument. This is the only recording I am aware of. Sure hope there will be more.

2:00 PM, September 2nd, 2018
peter bunnett
ok I hear the piano now so its gotta be Raga Todi

2:02 PM, September 2nd, 2018
peter bunnett
Looks like I need to refresh comments to see new entries.

2:03 PM, September 2nd, 2018
PeterB (host)
Hi again Peter. Yeah, refresh required every now and then, both for comments and for on-the-fly playlists. Old site used to auto-refresh, new one does not. ;^/

2:07 PM, September 2nd, 2018
Ed Kingscote
The two tracks I played for fill-in were The Guvna from The Imagined Village's 2012 album Bending the Dark on ECC records, and Chakal from Go Lem System and their 2002 album Viaje on the K-Industria label. It was fun and a pleasure to provide a little bit of cover and I hope everyone enjoyed the two tracks I played.

5:10 PM, September 2nd, 2018
PeterB (host)
COOOL!!! Thanks again sooo much Ed, for the emergency back-fill while I was delayed. I will add these to the posted playlist presently. This is how community radio works best. ;^)

5:32 PM, September 2nd, 2018