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This Island Earth
Sunday April 2nd, 2017 with Neil Bakshi
Indo-Jazz and folk music from Somalia feature this week.

Outer Realms Pt. 2
The Heliocentrics - From the Deep New
Tinariwen - Elwan New
Bimoko Magin
Super Djata De Bamako - Vol. 2 Blue EP
BCUC - Our Truth New
Kikombe Cha Zari, The Decorated Cup
Haussein Shiekh and Radio Mogadisco Swahili Singers - Baijun Ballads: Somali Songs in Swahili
Abdullah Kershi and Ahmed Sherif - The Freedom Songs of the Somali Republic
traditional song
Cabdullahi Qarshi and Cumar Dhul - Voices of Africa, Vol. 1.1
traditional song
Cabdullahi Qarshi and Cumar Dhul - Voices of Africa, Vol. 1.1
Folk Music and Ceremonies of Ethiopia
Unknown Somali woman - Personal Song
Sarathy Korwar - Day to Day
Improvisations On The Theme Music From Pather Panchali
Ravi Shankar and Bud Shanks - improvisations
Air Mail
Don Cherry and Latif Khan - Music / Sangam
Raga Piloo
John Mayer and Joe Hariott - Indo-Jazz Fusions 1 and 2
Mr. Mani
Charlie Mariano and The Karnataka College Of Percussion featuring R.A. Ramamani - Live
Remember Shakti - Remember Shakti
Tony Scott and Collin Walcott - Music for Yoga Meditation and Other Joys
A Street In Bombay
Amancio D'Silva - Konkan Dance
Christine Keeler
The Skatalites - Foundation Ska New
The Abyssinians - Satta Massagana
King Tubby Vs I Roy Pt. 10
King Tubby Vs I Roy - The Aggrovators present King Tubby Vs I Roy New
Gojansufi featuring Tony Allen - Mandala Effect New
Ali Kuru - Mandari EP New
Interactive CKCU
Heliocentrics have now signed with Soundway Records (great match imho!) and will have another new one coming out in late May. 'A World Of Masks'. I'll likely play a pre-release track from it next week. And, surely lots more to come when it officially releases.

1:19 PM, April 2nd, 2017