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This Island Earth
Sunday August 2nd, 2015 with Manmohan Panesar
Eclectic and amazing new releases from around the globe

Sorry for the delay in getting this playlist up on the website. CKCU has had no internet access due to a server issue for the last couple of days. Nonetheless, this week's edition of This Island Earth features mainly new releases from Finland, Syria, India, Pakistan, Peru, Colombia, Argentina, Cuba, Guinea, UK, Spain, Morocco, Mexico, Romania, Serbia, and Canada! Enjoy.
We start with a moving piece by the latest in a string of uber-talented Finnish accordian musicians; Paalanen is a protege of Kimmo Puhonen. Then switch gears for some electronica from Syria and India.
The final waltz
Antti Paalanen - Meluta New
Bahdeni Nami
Omar Souleyman (feat. Four Tet) - Bahdeni Nami (feat. Four Tet) New
Midival Punditz - Light New
Folk Dreams
Jyotsna Srikanth (feat. N. Amruth & Shadrach Solomon) - Bangalore Dreams New
Qawwali from the percussionist on several of the late great Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan's finest recordings. This time he releases his own recording, accompanied by his three sons. Following that piece, we feature some choice new cuts of Latin sounds from Peru, Colombia, Argentina and Cuba.
Mera Miran
Ustad Dildar Hussain Khan - Sur Sangeet New
Novalima - Planetario New
Marcha del Chullachaqui (Deltatron Remix)
Los Chapillacs - Peru Boom! Bass, Bleeps and Bumps from Peru's Electronic Underground New
El Pescador
Toto la Momposina y Sus Tambores - Tambolero New
Sineterra - Sulle rive del tango New
Dayme Arocena - Nueva Era New
Who doesn't like Afrobeat?! New releases keeping the tradition fresh and alive starting off with one of the BEST releases of the year, Amara Toure!
N'nijo (feat. Ensemble Black & White)
Amara Toure - Amara Touré (1973 - 1980) New
Salamouti (feat. L'Orchestre Massako)
Amara Toure - Amara Touré (1973 - 1980) New
Cuando Llegare
Amara Toure - Amara Touré (1973 - 1980) New
Talking Drum
Ginger Johnson & his African Messengers - African Party New
I No Be Criminal
London Afrobeat Collective - Food Chain New
This set is a mixed bag of treats, older and new.
Le Feria
Juan Martin & Chaparro de Malaga - La Guitarra: My Vida New
To the Forces
Hindi Zahra - Homeland New
Los de Abajo - Los de Abajo
Kau Marau La
Fanfare Ciocarlia - Queens and Kings
Svetlana Spajic & Darko Macura - Srbija Sounds Global Allstars
Do Dva Konja A Obadva Vrana
Zvonko Bogdan - Srbija Sounds Global Allstars
Stani, Stani Ibar Vodo
Orkestar Slobodana Salijevica - Srbija Sounds Global Allstars
Dos Amantes Tengo La Mi Mama
Shira U'Tfila - Srbija Sounds Global Allstars
We end off the show with an intriguing concept and one that works! Imagine European classical meets the Far East meets progessive Heavy Metal meets a turntablist. I saw this quertet live earlier in the week at the Ottawa International Chamber Music festival. The first two pieces are compositions by Toronto-based composer Kevin Lau and performed beautifully by the Afiara Quartet. The third piece is a remixed version of the first two pieces by turntable maestro DJ Skratch Bastid. The final piece is the composer's response to the remixed version of his original piece and features the Quartet along with the DJ performing together. I think this weirdness works wonderfully!
Afiara Quartet w Skratch Bastid - Spin Cycle Canadian New
Winds of Change
Afiara Quartet w Skratch Bastid - Spin Cycle Canadian New
Skratch my Bach
Afiara Quartet w Skratch Bastid - Spin Cycle Canadian New
Second Wind
Afiara Quartet w Skratch Bastid - Spin Cycle Canadian New
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