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This Island Earth

This Island Earth
Sunday August 29th, 2010 with Neil Bakshi

West African psych and Asian music in the classical tradition.
History of Man
Amanaz - Africa
Sunshine Love
Rikki Ililonga - Sunshine Love
Black Poem
Moussa Dumbia - Keleya
Let Me Get Stoned
Boo and the Truetones - Show the World
« Wallou! »
Guelewar Band of Banjul - « Wallou! »
Awareness is What you Need
Monomomo - Super Hits 2
Groove is the Funk
Aktion - Groove is the Funk
Gbe Mi Lo
Ofege - Try and Love
Pivi et les Balladlins - s.t.
Psychedelic Baby
Akido - s.t.
It's a Vanity
Gabo Brown & Orchestre Poly-Rythmo - African Scream Contest
Vinon so Minsou
Ouinsou Corneille & Black Santiagos - African Scream Contest
Sibou Odja
Orchestra Baobab - Si Bou Odja)
Easy Street
Amanaz - Africa
Buing Sang
Thai Thanh - Saigon Rock and Soul
Daw Hnin Taing Sweh Myain
U Ba Than - Basic Method in Music
Arum Bandung
Kacapi Suling Ensemble - Arum Bandung
Basho No Tori
Basho No Tori - s.t.
Hsein Sui Kuan Zhen
Llang Tsai-Ping - Music pf the Amoy
Khaek Mon
Khmer Mahori - Khmer Mahori
Komungo Sanjo
Shin Kwe Dong - Komungo Sanjo