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This Island Earth
Sunday April 12th, 2015 with PeterB
Minimalism and Gypsy trails!

Celebrating just over a year since yours truly getting to be a volunteer on CKCU! Today's adventure begins with a very extended piece of minimalism interpreted for guitar orchestra. We'll spend a good chunk of time in Eastern Europe Gypsy-land and related trails, and more. Along the way, re-visit several recordings introduced over the last year or so by other TIE hosts, and others. Plus, of course the usual for PeterB fusions, theme wandering and gear shifting. ENJOY!!
Starting off with an extended piece of minimalism -- the Adrian Utley Guitar Orchestra interpretation of Terry Riley's absolutely ground-breaking 1964 composition "In C". (Adrian Utley, of Portishead.)

In C is composed of 53 short, numbered phrases, lasting from half a beat to 32 beats, all in key of C, played at any speed, with any collection of instruments, by any number of performers. In performance, each phrase is repeated as many times as each individual performer desires, the only real rules being that phrases must be played in order for any individual performer, though some may be skipped, and players are encouraged to stay within two or three phrases of each other. The piece ends when all players reach the final 53rd phrase. In C is wrapped around a relentlessly pulsing 'C' note, providing the overall structure, and holding things together, usually standing alone at both beginning and end. There is usually no real "conductor" ... it just happens. Based on the very free-form, pattern-based approach, performances can potentially last from a few minutes to hours. The result is totally hypnotic, organic, and ever changing in subtle ways.

Recorded live at St. George's Hall, Bristol, 6 February 2013. The orchestra consists of 18 electric guitars, backed up by 4 organs, and 1 bass clarinet, with marimba (I think) acting as the pulse.

Just WOW! Clear your mind...

Previous plays of Africa Express / In C Mali, totally cool and totally different, can be found here via CKCU OnDemand:
In C
Adrian Utley's Guitar Orchestra / Terry Riley - In C - Invada (2013)
OK, what to do next, but take a totally different direction?! So now, off to Eastern Europe, Gypsy territory, and related trails. We'll start in India, and move erratically west.
4D Suite
Warren Cuccurullo and Ustad Sultan Khan - The Master - Six Degrees Records (2014)
Teray Darsan
Kiran Ahluawalia - Wanderlust - World Connection (2007) Canadian
Ce Aysunu
Džansever & Ensemble Jusni Expres - Gypsy Queens: Flammes Du Coeur - World Network / Network Medien (1999)
Omul Bun N-Are Noroc
Gabi Luncă & Ensemble Ion Onoriu - Gypsy Queens: Flammes Du Coeur - World Network / Network Medien (1999)
Karpatskyi Rep
DakhaBrakha - Light - Independent (2010)
Grand Theft Stutinki
Shtreiml - Eastern Hora - Independent (2014) Canadian
Al Aire (Bulería)
Pepe Habichuela - Rough Guide to Flamenco Guitar - World Music Network (2014)
Dicen De Mí (Flamenco-Jazz)
Carles Benavent (feat. Paco de Lucía) - Rough Guide to Flamenco Guitar - World Music Network (2014)
Live Intro
Gotan Project - Live (Deluxe Version, Disc 1: La Revancha Del Tango Tour) - Ya Basta (2008)
Queremos Paz
Gotan Project - Live (Deluxe Version, Disc 1: La Revancha Del Tango Tour) - Ya Basta (2008)
Vuelo al Sur
Gotan Project - Live (Deluxe Version, Disc 1: La Revancha Del Tango Tour) - Ya Basta (2008)
Bulería Con Ricardo
Anoushka Shankar - Traveller - Deutsche Grammophon (2011)
Now, some funky fusions, dubs and remixes, to get yer groove on.
Teknochek Collision (Bellyhouse Remix)
Slavic Soul Party! vs. DJ Alex Alot - Remixed - Barbès Records (2008)
9@Theriver (Dub Remix)
Slavic Soul Party! vs. EJ Fry - Remixed - Barbès Records (2008)
Hare Krishna - Hail Krishna (King Britt Funke Mix)
Tony Scott / King Britt - Verve Remixed (Vol. 1) - Verve (2002)
Strange Fruit (Tricky Remix)
Billie Holiday / Tricky - Verve Remixed (Vol. 1) - Verve (2002)
Ayé Go Mila Dubwize
Dennis Bovell - Glitterbeat: Dubs & Versions I - Glitterbeat (2014)
Tabla Beat Science - Tala Matrix - Axiom (2000)
Exit, stage left with some Gypsy Rhumba.
Nuestro Ayer
Rabbit Rumba - Gipsy Rumba: Spanish Rare Grooves 1965-1975 - Soul Jazz Records (2014)
Interactive CKCU
Peter B (host)
Welcome! Hope you enjoy today's adventure. Your comments here ....

1:09 PM, April 12th, 2015
that's some great stuff Peter

1:25 PM, April 12th, 2015
I forgot he was from Portishead

1:26 PM, April 12th, 2015
Peter B (host)
Glad you are digging the trance of In C Vincent. Yes, very interesting piece. Stay tuned for Gypsy trails later...

1:28 PM, April 12th, 2015