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Music From The Glen
Sunday November 18th, 2012 with Gord Peeling
Local releases and performers

Part 1 of a retrospective tour of local musicians and their releases.
The New Irish Barndance
Dennis Alexander - Tunes of Choice - self '08 Canadian
I'll Be All Smiles Tonight
Dennis Alexander - Sweet Melodies - self '09 Canadian
The Prentice Boy
Greg T. Brown & Jeremy Keddy - Trees - Prentice Boy '05 Canadian
Suil a Ruin
Sarah Burnell - Sarah'ndipity - self '06 Canadian
Les Reels Tziganes
Sarah Burnell - Return Ticket - self '08 Canadian
The Ethnomusicologist
Erin Cassidy - The Wind at Play - Carleton Sound '97 Canadian
On the Wake
Frank Cassidy - Tin Air - self '01 Canadian
The Hills of Loch Katerine
Chelsea Bridge - Blues In a Sharp Sea - Unity '92 Canadian
Latex Ceilidh/ Little Rubber Reel
Chelsea Bridge - Tatamagouche...Next Left - Unity '94 Canadian
Cape Clear
Pierre Schryer & Ian Clark - Heat of the Moment - New Canadian '02 Canadian
Ian Clark - Journey To The Heart - self '11 Canadian
Prince Among Men
Ecosse - The Auld Alliance - Glenashdale Music '06 Canadian
The Night Pat Murphy Died
Finest Kind - Lost In A Song - Fallen Angle Music '96 Canadian
If You Can't Get Five Take Two
Finest Kind - Heart's Delight - Fallen Angle Music '99 Canadian
As I Roved Out
Finest Kind - Silks & Spices - Fallen Angle Music '03 Canadian
Farm! Farm!
Finest Kind - For Honour & For Gain - Fallen Angle Music '10 Canadian
The Hurricane
Frillyknickers - Frillyknickers - self '98 Canadian
Interactive CKCU
Gord Peeling (host)
Hope you enjoy this retrospective look at local performers and their releases.

11:46 AM, November 18th, 2012
Great show Gord enjoying the mix of songs.

12:24 PM, November 18th, 2012
Gord Peeling (host)
Thanks Bob, it is clearly going to take two shows or more to get through the wonderful releases of local musicians. Glad you are enjoying it.

12:27 PM, November 18th, 2012
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