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Music From The Glen
Sunday July 8th, 2012 with Colin Henein

This week's edition of Music from the Glen has new and previously enjoyed tracks, but a focus on discs that perhaps have been sitting on the shelf since we featured them a number of years ago. Free-form format this morning, picking tunes as I go. Hope you enjoy!
The Buie Ceilidh band
Mairearad Green - Passing Places - Buie
Home at last!
Mairearad Green - Passing Places - Buie
Da sheltie set
Dochas - An darna umhail - Macmeanmna
I'm going to set you free
Battlefield band - Dookin' - Temple
Death in Ennis / The Audient
Allan yn y fan - Pwnco - Steam Pie New
A reel for Sean McKenna
Terri-Lynn Mahusky - Maple sugar camp - Self Canadian
Home county / Caroline of Galway / Rankin's reel / The social network
Andrea Beaton - Little black book - Self Canadian
The chimney sweeper (experience)
Kevin Hutchings - Songs of William Blake - Self Canadian
The rose of Allandale / Swannanoa
Jiig - Jiig - Fallen Angle Canadian
Cape Breton Set
Tread - Live from Matt Molloy's - Self Canadian
Brown girl
Keith Murphy - Bound for Canaan - Self Canadian
Twins' Dance Party
John Williams / Dean Magraw - Raven - Compass
Here's a health
Cara Dillon - After the morning - Compass
Jack Dolan
John Doyle - Wayward Son - Compass
All in a garden green / Horses Bransle
The Askew Sisters - All in a garden green - Wildgoose
My coffin shall be black
Martin and Shan Graebe - Dusty diamonds - Wildgoose
La Trifluvienne
Rodney Miller / Elvie Miller - Spyglass Waltzes - Brimstone Corner
Lunasa - Se - Compass
Rosie's reels
Litha - Dancing of the light - Rough Trade
Interactive CKCU
Colin Henein (host)
Good morning everyone, hope you're enjoying the songs and tunes this morning!

11:43 AM, July 8th, 2012
Colin Henein (host)
Don't forget, for those listening in real time, Almonte Celtfest today in Gemmill Park (noon-4:30 PM). Great tunes and good times.

12:17 PM, July 8th, 2012
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