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Music From The Glen
Sunday June 24th, 2012 with Dean Verger
Music from the many glens

Crowfoot - as the crow flies Canadian
John's Reel/Lord MacDonald's/Lucy Campbells
Matt Pepin - Pass it down Canadian
Fisherman's Lassie
The Johnson Girls - The Johnson Girls Canadian
Old Man's Tale
Ewan McLennan - Rags & Robes
The Shellback's Song
Louis Killen - The rose in june
Is fada liom uaimi uaimi
Cherish the ladies - at home
siul a ruin
sarah Burnell - sarah'ndipity Canadian
Turtle and the bagpipe
Fig for a kiss - fallen leaf Canadian
Kelly and Joe
christina smith & Jean Hewson - Like Ducks! Canadian
Far away/Old Madera
The Old Sod Band - Grass Roots Canadian
June/Dancing Upstairs
Brian Pickell - Friday Night in Town Canadian
Cadieus/The popcorn reel/The golden Wedding
Nightingale - jolie
Les filles de repentigny/la luette en colere
Les charbonniers de l'enfer - chansons a cappella Canadian
le cordonnier reoriente
La Part du Queteux - Paye la traite Canadian
Galope doux Bedon
Genticorum - Nagez Rameurs Canadian
le sort des amoureux
eric & simon beaudry - le sort des amoureux Canadian
pas d'argent pour payer
Nicolas Boulerice & Olivier Demers - Un peu d'ici, un peu d'ca Canadian
without words
Vishten - live Canadian
bold riley
Keith Kendrick - songs from the derbyshire coast
Farewell Shanty
Johnny Collins - Shanties & Sings of the sea
Interactive CKCU
Dean Verger (host)
While Colin is away the Dean shall play

11:46 AM, June 24th, 2012
Thank you Mr. Verger! A pleasure to hear your voice after many years, since I was at Rasputin's a few times. An excellent show, much enjoyed!

12:48 PM, June 24th, 2012
Dean Verger (host)
Thank-you Niall, the years certainly fly

12:50 PM, June 24th, 2012
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