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Music From The Glen

Music From The Glen
Sunday February 19th, 2012 with Colin Henein
Vinyl Archives

Every week I come through the music library into the studio with a bag of CDs. Not this week! Instead we listened to 100% vinyl from the Music from the Glen archives at CKCU.
Music in the Glen
Bothy Band - Old hag you have killed me - Mulligan
Waterman's Hornpipe
Brass Monkey - Brass Monkey - Topic, 1983
The barley mow
John Roberts / Tony Barrand - Live at holsteins! Eat Bertha's Mussels - Front hall, 1983
The sister's reel / Wynding the Hay
Liz Carroll - Liz Carroll - Green Linnett, 1988
Wild colonial boy
The dublin rogues - Off to Dublin in the green - RCA Victor, Canadian
Honore mon enfant
Gabriel Yacoub - Trad. Arr. - Green Linnett, 1985
Mon ami, mon bel ami
Gabriel Yacoub - Trad. Arr. - Green Linnett, 1985
The Irish washerwoman / The cook in the kitchen / Miss Girdle
Tannahill Weavers - The old woman's dance - Plant Life, 1978
The queen of hearts / Dummy head / Chuntering Charlie
John Kirkpatrick - Three in a row - Squeezer, 1984
The laird o' windy was
Archie Fisher - Will ye gang love - Topic, 1976
Branle de la haie
Malicorne - Almanach - Gamma
Reel le Blanc / Pat the budgie / Reel de l'aveugle
Seamus Connolly - Here and there - Green Linnett, 1989
Seventeen come Sunday
Steeleye span - Storm force ten - Chrysalis, 1977
Long Lankin
Bob Stewart - The wraggle taggle gypsies o - Crescent, 1976
Johnny Teasle Weasle
Alan Roberts / Dougie MacLean - Caledonia - Plant Life, 1978
Over my mountain
Alan Roberts / Dougie MacLean - Caledonia - Plant Life, 1978
Joseph Baker
Mick Moloney - with Eugene O'Donnell - Green Linnett, 1978
We work the black seam
Battlefield Band - Celtic Hotel - Temple Records, 1987
It's better in the dark
Hamish Imlach - Live - XTRA, 1967
Interactive CKCU
Neal Reid
Great concept - great show. My wife (Beth Gordon) just said, "It's like the old Music from the Glen". I'm surprised to say we can hear the difference in tone quality from the vinyl1

12:44 PM, February 19th, 2012
Gord Peeling
Great to hear some vinyl again - it has been too long since Vince's collection has seen the turntable!

12:50 PM, February 19th, 2012
Colin Henein (host)
Thanks Neal (and Beth)... glad you enjoyed it. It was fun to dig out the old vinyl. And yes, Gord, there are some real gems in there!

5:21 PM, February 19th, 2012
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