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Music From The Glen

Music From The Glen
Sunday January 22nd, 2012 with Gord Peeling
Top Releases of 2011

A review of some of the best releases of 2011 (including some interlopers from late 2010 that did not arrive until 2011).
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Beoga - How To Tune A Fish - Compass New
Cette bouteille-la
La Bottine Souriante - Appelation d'Origine Controlee - Borealis Canadian New
The Hag in the Blanket
Brozman, McSherry & O'Connor - Six Days in Down - Riberboat
Spring Tide Rising
Paul & Liz Davenport - Spring Tide Rising - Hallamtrads
Jeune et Joli
De Temps Antan - Les habits de papier - L-Abe Canadian
Kishmul's Galley
Barbara Dickson - Words Unspoken - Greentrax
Seasick Dee
Brian Finnegan - Ravishing Genius of Bones - Singing Tree
A Ditch Near Cree
Fling - A Ditch Near Cree - self
Les Menteries
Genticorum - Nagez Rameurs - Roues et Archets Canadian
Spead the Plough
John Kirkpatrick - God Speed the Plough - Fledg'ling
Silver Dagger
Jim Moray - In Modern History - NIAG
Jack the Sailor
The Once - Row Upon Row... - Borealis Canadian New
The Bold Princess Royal
Brian Peters - Gritstone Serenade - Pugwash
Les Trois Capitaines
Les Poules a Colin - Hebertisme Nocturne - self Canadian New
Gypsy Davy
Emily Smith - Traveller's Joy - White Fall
Prickle-Eye Bush
Spiers & Boden - The Works - Navigator
Woodcutter's Jig
The Old Swan Band - Swan For the Money - Wild Goose
The Shepherd Lad
Heidi Talbot - The Last Star - Compass
Heave Ya Ho
Karine Polwart - Davy Steele the Show (various) - Greentrax
Again for Greenland
Paul McKenna Band - Music & Song From Scotland (various) - Greentrax
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Gord Peeling (host)
Top picks of 2011

11:37 AM, January 22nd, 2012
Gord Peeling (host)
Let me know what your favourites are of 2011 if neither Colin or I have covered them.

12:08 PM, January 22nd, 2012
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