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Music From The Glen
Sunday March 24th, 2024 with Colin Henein
Around the British Isles and beyond

We always talk about Music from the Glen being about traditional music from the British Isles and beyond. This week we demonstrate that with themed sets by region. Hope you enjoy this tour of traditional music!
Coming Home
Cara Dillon - Coming Home New
Cucanandy / Máire Gaillimhe / The Dusty Miller
Fiachra O Regan - Na Beanna Beola
Two Mile Gate / Brigid McRory / The Woods of Caol Ruadh
Garadice - Sanctuary
Earl Scarslington’s Seven Daughters
Jack Rutter - This Is Something Constant
Rambling Robin
Georgia Shackleton - Harry's Seagull
The Leaves of Life
The Devil's Interval - Blood & Honey
Misadventures of Razzy the Cat
Dan Brown - Nomad
Cat's Jig / Master Crowley's
The Canny Band - Cat's Jig / Master Crowley's - Single
Castle Coeffin (with Joseph Peach, Charlie Grey, Owen Sinclair & Sally Simpson)
Westward the Light - Flow Country
Will Pound & Jenn Butterworth - Volume 1
Le petit Basile
François-Félix Roy - Peines perdues Canadian
La Californie
Nicolas Boulerice - CoolTrad Canadian New
La Déferlance - Le feu aux poudres Canadian
New England
Cats and Dogs (You Seamen Bold)
Eliza Carthy & Tim Eriksen - Bottle
Bread and Roses
Windborne - Recollections Revolutions
Gall Pethau Gymryd Sbel
Carwyn Ellis & Colorama - Ni A Nhw New
Jêl Caerdydd
Calan - Kistvaen
Take It Away, Simon!
Calan - Kistvaen
Rew - Di - Ranno
Calan - Kistvaen
Ring of Roses
The Trials of Cato - Gog Magog
Contemporary Scottish
Project Smok - The Outset
I Haven’t Smoked for Days
Peatbog Faeries - I See a World
Interactive CKCU
Neil and his Dancing Labrador
One of my fave shows. Takes me back to my roots. Let 'er rip, Colin!!!! If you have any time on the playlist....."Strictly Sambuca" by the Peatbog Fairies. Sounds and looks like a grand show today laddie!!

11:36 AM, March 24th, 2024
Neil and his Dancing Labrador
Hooooold on now!! haha I just caught your closing number on the playlist, Colin! We are on the same wavelength indeed, lad!! Peatbog Fairies to close already, and a fine choice indeed. Although, every choice is a good choice with Peatbog Fairies I finally got my hands on both Live CDs this week.

11:42 AM, March 24th, 2024
Neil and his Dancing Labrador
BTW I love when you do theisles and regions in sets!!!!! Always a great tour. The Glen is why I look forward to Sunday mornings.

11:45 AM, March 24th, 2024
Neil, so glad you enjoyed this show this morning and glad you got your hands on the Peatbog Faeries discs!

1:50 PM, March 24th, 2024