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Music From The Glen
Sunday October 23rd, 2011 with Gord Peeling and Colin Henein
Funding Drive week 1

Bay of Biscay
Finest kind - For honour and for gain - Fallen Angle Canadian
Don't leave your banjo in the shed Mr. Waterson
Martin Simpson - Purpose + Grace - Topic New
Box Club - Box Club - Self
Byker Hill
Pete Coe - Backbone - Self
The dublin lads
Tommy Keane - The piper's apron - Mulligan
Pu d'argent
De Temps Antan - À l'Année - Self Canadian
Flying tent
Big bandemonium - The big bang - Self
Barque in the harbour
Matthew Byrne - Ballads - Self Canadian
Clear the way
John Doyle - Shadow and light - Compass New
Dashing white sergeant
The old swan band - Swan for the money - Wild goose