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Music From The Glen
Sunday February 5th, 2023 with Ed Kingscote

The Millhouse
The Bookends - A Celtic Celebration Canadian
Devil's Arch
Granny's Attic - The Brickfields - Grimdon 2021
Bold Riley
Ian Robb & James Stephens - Declining...With Thanks - Fallen Angle Music 2021
Neil Taylor's / Fourth of February / Strawberries Galore
Alistair Anderson & Northlands - Alistair Anderson & Northlands - Self 2017
Crow on the Cradle
Kirsty Bromley - Sweet Nightingale EP
Driving to Halsway / Morning Charlotte
Naragonia - Mira - Home.Be 2018
The Grey Goose and The Gander
Doug Eunson & Sarah Matthews - Song and Laughter - Coth 2015
Hare's Maggot
Purcell's Polyphonic Party - An Invitation to Dance - Self 2017
The Suffolk Miracle
Jim Moray - Sweet England - NIAG 2003
The Job of Journeywork / Dinny O'Brien's / The Pigeon on the Gate
Tom Delany - The Lark's Call - Self 2021
The Witches of Elswick - Out of Bed - Fellside 2003
Steam Powered Sponge
Nat Brookes - Cormorant - 2023 New
Tour Du Monde
Le Vent du Nord - 20 Printemps - La Compagnie Du Nord 2022 Canadian
The Fairmount Jigs
Rum Ragged - The Thing About Fish - Self 2020 Canadian
Will Pound & Jenn Butterworth - Volume I - 2023 New
Hauler - Hauler - Inimical 2004 Canadian
Batt Henry's Barn Dance
The Old Swan Band - Fortyfived - Wild Goose 2020
Jump at the Sun
Gas Mark 5 - Jump!
Avanc - Yn Fyw | Live
Interactive CKCU
Ed Kingscote (host)
Forthcoming Events Cape Breton Session February 5th, 2-5pm The Barley Mow, 1541 Merivale Road Le Vent du Nord February 11th, 8pm Azrieli Studio, NAC Celtic Celebration with Ian Clark February 15th, 8pm (Doors 7pm) Red Bird Live, Bank Street Cape Breton Session February 19th, 1-4pm (NOTE TIME CHANGE) The Barley Mow, 1541 Merivale Road Cape Breton Session March 5th, 2-5pm The Barley Mow, 1541 Merivale Road Justin Thériault, Kyle Burghout & Susan Toman Album Release March 10th, 8pm (Doors 7pm) Red Bird Live, Bank Street Cape Breton Session March 19th, 2-5pm The Barley Mow, 1541 Merivale Road Rum Ragged March 25th, 8pm (Doors 7pm)

11:05 PM, February 4th, 2023