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Music From The Glen
Sunday October 9th, 2011 with Gord Peeling

Pete Morton - Hunting the Heart - Harbourtown
Harvest Home
Fiddlers 5 - Fiddlers 5 - Temple
Harvest Song/We Gets Up In The Morning
The Watersons - The Seasons Round (var) - Topic
Harvest Train
James Keelaghan - A Few Simple Verses - Jericho Beach Canadian
The Harvest Supper Song
Keith Kendrick - Well Seasoned - Wild Goose
Now Harvest Is Over/ The British Toper
Pam Gilder & Eddie Upton - The Tale of Ale (various) - Free Reed
Autumn Days
Jim Causley - Lost Love Found - Wild Goose
Ode To Autumn
The Voice Squad - Many's The Foolish Youth - Tara
Nic Jones - In Search Of - Mollie Music
End of the Thanksgiving sets focused on the harvest, autumn and the giving of thanks.
Les Trois Capitaines
Les Poulins a Colin - Hebertsime Nocturne - self Canadian New
Malai Na gCuach Ni Chuileannain
Danu - Seanchas - self
Les habits de papier
De Temps Antan - Les Habits de Papier - L-Abe Canadian
The Tipsy Sailor
Tom McConville - Tommy On The Bridge - Tomcat
The Rock
Seudan - Seudan - Greentrax New
Save Your Money While You're Young
Ian Bell - My Pious Friends - self Canadian
Becky Tracy - Evergreen - Black Isle
Black Is The Color
Fraid Knot - A Pint o' Trad - self Canadian New
My Love Is Like a Red Red Rose
Rose Laughlin - House of Memory - Ramblin' Rose New
Tyburn Hill
Martin Graebe & Shan Cowan - Parallel Strands - Wild Goose
The Bruichladdich Dram
Robin Laing - Whisky For Breakfast - Greentrax
Lament For the Death of Archie Beaton
Chris Coe - A Wiser Fool - Backshift