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Music From The Glen
Sunday October 16th, 2022 with Colin Henein
Remembering Paul Sartin

I am dedicating the program to Paul Sartin of Belshazzar’s Feast, Dr Faustus, Faustus and Bellowhead. As has been mentioned in previous weeks, Paul died suddenly of a heart attack on 14 September 2022 at the age of 51—collapsing suddenly prior to taking the stage at an engagement in Oxford. Links referenced during the show: tribute episode of Thank Goodness its Folk with James Fagan, Sam Hindley and John Spiers (; interview with Jon Wilks (; and Paul's blog on not being in a supergroup (
Captain Ward
Dr Faustus - The First Cut - Fellside
Broomfield Wager
Dr Faustus - Wager - Fellside
Trooper and Maid
Paul Sartin / Benji Kirkpatrick - Upstairs, Downstairs: Music from the Servants' Hall [VA] - Gift of Music
Roll the woodpile down
Bellowhead - Bellowhead Live - Navigator
Betsy Baker
Bellowhead - Bellowhead Live - Navigator
New York Girls
Bellowhead - Bellowhead Live - Navigator
Introduction Talk to the Live Album (Live)
Belshazzar's Feast - The Food of Love - Wildgoose
Boda Waltz / Miss Love's Waltz (Live)
Belshazzar's Feast - The Food of Love - Wildgoose
Mundesse / Gathering Peascods
Belshazzar's Feast - The Food of Love - Wildgoose
Twenty, Eighteen
Belshazzar's Feast - (live recording)
Brisk Lad
Faustus - Faustus - Navigator
Broken Down Gentlemen
Faustus - Broken Down Gentlemen - Navigator
Lovely Johnny
Faustus - Broken Down Gentlemen - Navigator
Acre of Land
Andover Museum Loft Singers - (live recording)
One more day
Faustus - Death and other animals - West Park Music
The Green Fields of England
The Transports - The Transports: A Tale of Exile and Migration - Hudson
Interactive CKCU
Colin Henein (host)
Upcoming Ottawa concerts: - Windborne. Oct. 28. - Nicholas Williams / Alex Keller. Nov 11.

9:02 PM, October 15th, 2022
Great show on Paul Sartin’s musical legacy. Thanks for doing this Colin

3:48 PM, October 16th, 2022