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Music From The Glen
Sunday September 4th, 2022 with Colin Henein
Labour Day

Songs this morning in honour of Labour Day
The Old 'Arris Mill
Fay Hield & The Hurricane Party - Orfeo
Blue Lung
Maria Dunn - Piece by Piece Canadian
Jute Mill Song
Ewan McLennan - Transatlantic Sessions - Series 6, Vol. Two
Work of the Weavers
The Irish Rovers - Up Among the Heather, The Scottish Album Canadian
Pat Works On The Railway
The Cottars - Forerunner Canadian
Jacques Et Gilles
Kate & Anna McGarrigle - Matapedia Canadian
The Chemical Worker's Song (Process Man)
Great Big Sea - Up Canadian
I'm a Working Chap
Ewan MacColl and Peggy Seeger - Bothy Ballads of Scotland
My Dad's Dinner Pail
Mick Moloney - McNally's Row Of Flats
The White Collar Holler
Stan Rogers - Between the Breaks… Live! (Remastered) Canadian
Bum on the Rod
Ani DiFranco & Utah Phillips - The Past Didn't Go Anywhere
All Used Up
Utah Phillips - The Telling Takes Me Home
The Workhouse
Greg Russell & Ciaran Algar - The Call
Shoals of Herring
Jon Boden - A Folk Song a Day: February
The Herring Girl
Bella Hardy - Songs Lost & Stolen
No More Fish, No Fishermen
Finest Kind - Heart's Delight Canadian
Working At The Coalface
Johnson Girls, the - On The Rocks
Midlothian Mining Song
2duos - Until the Cows Come Home
A Pound a Week Rise
Liz Carroll & John Doyle - Double Play
Taking on Men
Bob Fox - The Blast
Cold Coast of Iceland / Three Ships
Coope, Boyes & Simpson - Rough Guide: English Folk
Harvest Gypsies
Kris Drever - Black Water
Workers' Song
Dick Gaughan - Handful of Earth
Interactive CKCU
Local 586, hillbilly
This is why I luv The Mighty!!! Up the Workers!!! (Which is most of us now) "Bum on the rods" is the same as "Ridin' the rods". Dirty thirties boxcars had support rods under the box cars...Bums would roll in on them to escape the rail police. I have ridden "The rods" but in empty boxcars & open flats...& Empty diesel engines... & Avoided the Police! Engine crews would share food! So, Up the Workers! Every day is Labour Day!

12:20 PM, September 4th, 2022
Colin Henein (host)
Hi billy, thanks for the comment, amazing that you rode the rods. Glad you enjoyed the show!

1:53 PM, September 4th, 2022