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Music From The Glen
Sunday September 12th, 2021 with Colin Henein
Quicker pace for a cool early-fall weekend

Three weeks ago I gave you a slower program for a hot weekend. This weekend it's the opposite on both counts.
The Leading Role / Matt Peoples / The Curlew
Caroline Keane - Shine - Self
Flow, in the Year of Wu Wei
Brian Finnegan - Hunger of the Skin - Singing Tree
Three Galleys (feat. Sam Lee)
Folkatron Sessions - Home No More - EP - Self New
Number 81
Sarah-Jane Summers & Juhani Silvola - The Smoky Smirr O Rain - Eighth Nerve
Land Corridors
Christina Alden & Alex Patterson - Hunter - Self
Cold Clay
Gnoss - The Light of the Moon - BlackFly
Poisoned Peas
Cara - In Between Times - Rough Trade
Cross of Threads
Ross Ainslie - Vana - Great White
From the East
Ron Jappy - Vincular - Self
Erebus & Terror
Graham Rorie - The Orcadians of Hudson Bay - Rumley Sounds New
MAZ - ID - Self
Hunting for Angus
Shooglenifty - Acid Croft, Vol. 9 - Self
The Port Polka / Rognvald Ritch, the Little / The Shore
Fara - Times from Times Fall - CPL Music
Abe's Axe
Grada - Natural Angle - Compass
Reels : Tom Ginley's - the Rub - Fisherstreet Reel [3.38]
Comas - Comas - Fréa
Riverview, Pt. 2
Elephant Sessions - What Makes You - Self
Berrigan's Folly
Beòlach - All Hands - Self
Jêl Caerdydd / Take It Away, Simon! / Rew-di-Ranno
Calan - Kistvaen - Recordiau Sienco
Interactive CKCU