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Music From The Glen
Sunday August 7th, 2011 with Colin Henein

Ian Clark - Journey to the heart - Self Canadian New
Bridge of Dean
Bella Hardy - Songs lost and stolen - Navigator New
Horn fair
Spiers & Boden - The works - Navigator New
The farmer's boy
John Kirkpatrick - God speed the plough - Fledg'ling New
As I roved out
Ewan McLennan - Rags & robes - Fellside New
Tunes and puirt-a-beul set
Julie Fowlis - Live at Perthshire Amber - Machair New
Dives and Lazarus
James Findlay - Sport and play - Fellside New
All for me grog
A.L. Lloyd - Simply Folk [VA] - Union Square
He moved through the fair
E2k - Simply Folk [VA] - Union Square
Shew's the way to Wallinton / The peacock followed the hen
High level ranters - Simply Folk [VA] - Union Square
Courting is a pleasure
Nic Jones - Simply Folk [VA] - Union Square
Bully in the alley
Port Isaac's Fisherman's Friends - Port Isaac's Fisherman's Friends - Universal New
Bully in the alley
Three pruned men - Rogue's gallery - Anti
Bully in the alley
Morrigan - Classic Maritime Music [VA] - Smithsonian Folkways
The lowlands of holland
Jim Moray - In modern history - NIAG New
Farewell to Fiuneray [-4:20/4:26]
Kris Drever - Black water - Navigator
Peter Wyper's, Walshes
Tom McElvogue / Paddy Kerr - The long hard road - Self New
Midlothian mining song
2duos - Until the cows come home - Artes
John Doherty's Highland / Neil Gow's wife / Frank Cassidy's
Oisín McAuley - Far from the hills of Donegal - Compass